NH View

Today I joined my son on a field trip to Pack Monadnock here in New Hampshire.
This is Hawk Migration time of the year and the hawks follow the migratory path along the spine of the Monadnocks here in Southern NH. We saw plenty of Hawks, but they move too fast to get a picture, so I thought I would share the view from the top. We live about 7 minutes from Pack Monadnock.

This first shot is looking west towards Mount Monadnock

This next shot is looking north toward Crotched Mountain

This last shot is another view of Mount Monadnock

As you can see, it was a beautiful day for Hawk watching here in NH. I was surprised by the number of adult watchers on top of the mountain. When we arrived, there must have been a dozen watchers already there including a couple who had wriiten a book about the NH Hawk migration.

Enjoy the pixs…

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