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The Basic Browser Menu

Last week I discussed a browser contextual menu to use for images in websites. Well, there is also a “Basic Menu” (what I am choosing to call it) you can use to navigate your way through a site, and more. Like the menu discussed last week, this menu has different options in different browsers. It also might have different phrases for various actions. I’m just going to cover the standards.

Go back and forth

To go backwards and forwards between recently visited webpages most people use the “Back” and “Forward” buttons at the top of the browser. You can also choose these options from the “Basic Menu.” There is even a “Reload” or “Refresh.” In Camino you can do a “Force Refresh” by accessing the menu with the Apple key pressed.

Save the page

Maybe you want to save an entire webpage for future reference. To do this choose the “Save Page As…” option. This will open a Save window, and you choose where to save the page. I highly recommend saving a webpage to a new folder because you will be getting an html file along with all of the files that make up the page. Not saving a page to a new folder can cause a mess in the folder you do save it into.


Instead of choosing “Print” from the File menu, you can just choose it from the “Basic Menu.” Once chosen, the same Print window will appear like you are used to.

View the source

For the advanced readers out there, you can also choose the option to view the source code of a website. This will show you the code used to program the page. This is a great way for those into web design to learn how to do different things on a webpage.

There is one more menu in a web browser, and that is the menu you get when you control-click a link. I’ll cover that one next week.


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