Macspiration 86
A Macspiration Mini

This week’s Macspiration is a short one, but on that has the potential of saving you A LOT of money. A LOT of money, as in having to pay for computer repairs or buy a new one.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about a few steps to follow for those times when you turn on your computer, or attempt to, and get nothing. No chime sound, no fan spinning, no power.

You first instinct, after you say a few words not appropriate for this article, would be that you need a new computer. This is not necessarily the case. Before ordering your new Apple or buying one at your local Apple Store try the following:

1. Check the power cord. Is it plugged in? Is it securely connected to the computer? Unplug it from both sources and plug it back in.

2. Is your surge strip turned on or plugged in?

3. Try another outlet on your surge strip. The one you are currently plugged into could have gone bad.

4. If #3 does not accomplish anything, try plugging the surge strip into another wall outlet. Preferably, the outlet would be on another wall, or even another room.

5. Not the outlet? Plug the computer directly into the wall to determine if the entire surge strip has died.

6. Find another power cord, and plug that into your computer. Your power cord could have gone bad or munched on by four legged creatures in the middle of the night.

7. Unplug everything from your computer, except for the power cord and see if it works. One of your external devices could be causing the problem.

8. Try any combination of the above.

9. This is extreme, but you can always try the computer in another office or house as a last resort.

If all of the steps above prove to be useless, it might be time for a new computer or a visit to the repair shop. Of course, you could bypass all of these steps and use this power issue as an excuse to get a nice, new, shiny Apple computer. 🙂


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