Airplay Boost

Airplay Boost
Company: XtremeMac

Price: $49.95 (iPod Video model or 2nd Gen Nano Model)


That was the first thing out of my mouth after I tried the XtremeMac Airplay Boost FM transmitter for the 5th generation iPods. I later tried the second generation Nano Airplay Boost. I was equally as impressed. Both models “hijacked” the radio station I had them tuned too, and gave a clear, static free sound.

Both the full sized iPod and Nano models look and work the same.

The iPod plugs directly into the dock connector, and fits perfectly on the Airplay base. The bottom of the base has a pass through connector for charging the iPod while in use. If you are going to use the Airplay for an extended period, this might be a good idea. I did experience noticeable battery drain on the iPod when using the transmitters (which are powered by the iPod).

Once you connect the Airplay to your iPod it takes over your iPod’s screen where you tune the device to your radio station of choice using the two buttons on the Airplay. Once chosen you hit the XtremeMac logo button, or wait for the iPod display to reappear, and press play on your iPod. Radio quality sound, or better, will start coming through your speakers. Of course, the radio needs to be tuned to the same station as the Airplay.

The Airplay also has a repositionable antenna, which help boost the signal even more.

Other features include 3 programmable stations and the ability to use stereo or mono playback. You can even dim or turn off the blue antenna light.

As I mentioned, I had the opportunity to test the iPod with video model, and the second generation Nano model. I did notice the signal strength of the Nano model to be a little weaker than the full sized model, but not enough to cause a problem. The difference became noticeable in the distance you could move away from the radio antenna and still get a strong signal.

My only complaint with the Airplay Boost is the directions. The directions are great, and easy to understand. The problem is that they are not included in the packaging. The packaging includes a note directing you to the company’s website for directions. While it is easy to find the directions on the website, there is no reason for them no to be in the packaging.

There are gobs of FM transmitters for you iPod out there. Some work. Some don’t. The Airplay Boost definitely works, and is well worth the money. The full sized model is available in black or white, and the Nano model comes in black or silver. If you use or need an FM transmitter for your iPod with video or your second generation Nano, this is the one you want to buy. Rating 4.5 out of 5 (minus .5 for the directions not being packaged with the product)


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