MacChic in Europe

This is going to be the shortest column ever.

Traveling with your laptop and iPod in Europe is a non-issue.

The End.

The rest of the article is HOW I made sure it would be a non-issue.

Power to the People!

There are two types of power plugs in the countries I would visit. The standard continental in Europe and the “GOST 7396” in Russia. Some are recessed so I bought the extended prongs. Although there are minor variations in Switzerland and Denmark, the standard continental plug fits.

Two little plugs.

I was briefly tempted to get the Apple branded world travel adapters, but I didn’t for two reasons,
1) the little wire is frequently too short and the plugs for the Apple adapters mean the white brick must reach the wall from wherever you sit. This way I get both the cord and the wire.
2) What about my hair dryer? It won’t plug into the Apple adapters.

All other electrical devices stayed home.

The laptop itself would charge overnight while simultaneously charging the iPod via USB.

To the Back of the Pack

Five years of karate has taught me not to act like a victim. But as much as I like kicking ass, I’d rather do it when I’m not burdened down with luggage, a purse, a laptop, an iPod, etc.

First of all, the leather, padded, over your shoulder, laptop bag stayed home. Second off the list were the white ear buds. Hey everyone! Looky here! I have a laptop and an ipod! Come and get ’em!

Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin!

A trip to WalMart got me a pair of black-wired, honest-to-god earphones (which sound better than the earbuds and don’t fall out).

In my closet rests the backpack from school . . . not TOO beaten up but definitely used.

Glue some foam rubber on either side of a 14×11 piece of sturdy plastic and I have a padded pocket for for my laptop and something cushy for my back (Diagram on request). Lots of room left for the power adapter and the two power plugs, some granola bars and a bottle of water, a travel pack of Wet Ones®, an inflatable neck pillow, etc., etc., etc.

What could look less like a gullible tourist than a teenager with a backpack?


Like I said . . . traveling in Europe with my Mac was a non-issue. Every hotel I stayed at had wireless (even Russia). I expected no less in Switzerland, but was pleasantly surprised in Moscow and St. Petersburg.



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