MagStay Pro

MagStay Pro
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Apple trumpets their MagSafe power plug attachment for the MacBooks and MacBook Pros. MagSafe is the answer to the ongoing problem of laptop users tripping over the power cord, thus yanking their computer off their desk, with it plunging to a landing both hard and expensive.

But, as a MacBook Pro owner, I can testify that the MagSafe magnetized plug can unknowingly be popped free from its socket with less force than you’d imagine, even when your laptop sits securely on your lap or desk. Then, you’re running on battery power, and you don’t even know it.

The MagStay Pro is tiny plastic fitting plug that increases the force required to unplug the MagSafe plug.

Half of the MagStay slides over the MagSafe plug, and the other half is a small prong that fits into the USB port adjacent to the power socket. The friction from the prong in the USB port is what increases the force to dislodge the plug from the socket.

Naturally, the question is “How much more force is required to pop the power plug out of the socket?”

The answer is more, but not so much that the computer will fly off the desk if you trip over the cord. The fit of the MagStay is just firm enough to prevent little tugs from unplugging your MacBook/MacBook Pro. If you really snag the cord, the MagStay will still permit the plug to pop off.

A nice touch is the small hole in the fitting that lets you view the charging LED on the MagSafe plug itself.

The only drawback is that the MagStay is small, and can wiggle free to be lost in your laptop bag when the power cord is not plugged in. During testing on a recent road trip, the MagStay came off the end of the cord, and lodged itself out of sight in my laptop bag. It was AWOL for five days.

The MagStay does exactly what its designed for, and does it well. The only drawback it that it can be easily lost when not in use, even if you keep it on the power cord.

MyMac rating 5 out of 5


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