Marware Keeps it Simple

Stand for iPod Nano
Company: Marware

Price: $24.95

My uncle likes to use the phrase “Keep it simple.” Marware has done just that with the Stand for iPod Nano. Even the name is simple. In keeping with that theme, this review will be simple, also.

As you might guess, the Stand for iPod Nano is exactly that – a stand for the iPod Nano. The Stand holds your Nano upright via a dock connector. The iPod fits perfectly on the unit, which matches the iPod perfectly (it is available in black or white). When connected to your computer with the included USB cable, it will sync and/or charge your iPod. It also has two line-out jacks that will fit a standard headphone plug, or it can be used to connect to any type of speaker system with a line in. You don’t have to be connected to the computer to use this feature, either. Therefore, you can take your iPod and speakers to any part of your house, outside, to the pool, etc. Don’t have portable speakers? Take the iPod to the speakers. I tried it with an inexpensive battery operated set of speakers, and it sounded great.

At $24.95 it is cheaper, and smaller than Apple’s Dock. Also, for a little more money you get a few more features than you would if you just buy an extra iPod cable.

Personally, I like charging my iPod from the wall with the AC Adapter. For those unfamiliar with this option, you still need the USB cable from your computer to connect to the wall unit. If you don’t have two cables, this can become a nuisance having to swap the cable back and forth. With the Stand you can keep the iPod cable with the wall charger, and keep the stand connected to your computer and use that in its place.

My only concern about the unit is its durability over time. While I love the unit and its simplicity, my reaction after picking it up for the first time was this is made of cheap plastic. It is so light-weight (without the iPod in it) that it seems like a strong gust of wind would blow it away. Maybe a little more weight in the base would be nice.

That’s basically it. Simple. Rating 4.5 out of 5

Pros: Does exactly what it says- It’s a stand, a charger/syncing unit, and a line-out unit for the Nano. Looks nice with the iPod Nano. Nice price. Provides a portable stand for the Nano

Cons: Doesn’t feel very durable and needs a weighted bottom.


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