Random Thoughts…

None of this matters but,,

That is one hilarious Google Trick Tim! 🙂

Another storm forecast for tomorrow. Will someone, anyone at all, please tell the TV weather people to lay off the caffeine? And it is not necessary to say “Doppler Weather Radar” in every third sentence. We know you have it. Enough!

On the other hand, who’s the hottie doing the weather on channel five? Put her in something from Victoria’s Secret, and you’ll have a dedicated viewer.

Eat Walker’s Short Bread. Screw cholesterol.

“24” is one cool TV show. Thanks Keifer Sutherland. (And just look at all those Macs!)

I think I’ve watched my DVD copy of “Mulholland Drive” at least a dozen times. Thanks David Lynch. (Mr. Lynch is a Mac Guy.) The Theme music to the movie is on my iPod. Am I nuts, or what?

Anyone giving “Soap on a Rope” this year?

Those zipperheads who whine about Nativety Scenes on public commons every year need to be hit with a bucket of cold water.

That’s all I got for now.

Bruce B.

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