eMedia Learn to Play Keyboard Pack USB Version

The stylish keyboard has 49 touch-sensitive keys in four full C-to-C octaves. Its size is roughly 33” x 8” x 3” and its weight is 7.5 lbs. Additional MIDI specs are available from eMedia. Sound is very good, and finger action is just fine for beginning piano students.

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MyMac Podcast

This week, podcast hosts Tim and Chad talk about iPod nano quality control problems, Warner Music and their new PR battle against Apple Computer, the Doom 3 Demo, and much more.

We want your Mac stories! Funny, sad, technical, you name it. Listen to the podcast for more information.

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Sponsor – SmallDog.com

Hosts – Tim Robertson and Chad Perry

Links from the show
Apple link to Spotlight Index problem
Doom Demo

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MyMac Podcast

Download Podcast 45 from THIS link, or simply subscribe to our show via iTunes at THIS LINK.

News from MacMinute.com, a new Dashboard Minute and Not Mac News, and Chad returns from vacation!

Topics – The end of Macworld Expo Boston, price hike in iTunes Music Store, Fujitsu ScanSnap, Tim gets his hands on a iPod nano, and much more.

What’s this about a possible NEW MyMac.com podcast? Listen to the show to get all the details.

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Websites Mentioned in The Dashboard Minute
Widget Monkey

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Serious Editing in iPhoto 5
Book Review

Serious Editing in iPhoto 5 will surprise those who think iPhoto is just an over hyped digital shoebox. In 126 pages, Wolfe demonstrates that you don’t need to run PhotoShop to do serious, high-quality editing work on your images.

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Sneak Peek – Photoshop CS2 for Dummies

The first of our free book content, we present a few pages from the latest Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Dummies book by Pete Bauer. This sneak peek looks at THE new feature of Photoshop CS2, Vanishing Point. If you like what you see, be sure to follow the Amazon link and buy a copy yourself.

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MyMac Podcast

MyMac Podcast 44

You can download the MP3 file at THIS LINK, or simply subscribe to our iTunes Podcast listing HERE.

As Chad is on vacation this week, host Tim Robertson spends an hour with Chris Seibold, as well as a great talk with John Farr!

Due to software problems, the audio quality of this show is not up to our usual standards. Also apologies to PlayList magazines’ Chris Breen, who graciously took the time to participate in a planned feature on the new ROKR phone, but due to technical problems with the recording software, the conversation was lost.

This podcast is sponsored by SmallDog.com and RamJet.com.

Websites mentioned on the podcast
Dennis Sellers’ Macsimum News

John Farr

Not Mac News link:

The Dashboard Minute
Widget Update
Conference Call

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Chad Perry (of MyMac Podcast fame) takes a look at the new TuneBox from Griffin Technology for the iPod Shuffle. A small speaker system, we look what it is, and what it could have been.

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MyMac Podcast

Download the MP3 from THIS link, or simply tune into our iTMS listing in the podcast directory HERE.

This week, Tim and Chad go over the latest Apple news from our friends at MacMinute.com, including the new iPod nano, iTunes Motorola Music Phone ROKR, and our impressions of both.

The Dashboard Minute Returns, this week with outtakes!

The winner of our Roxio Toast 7 contest is announced!

ElementK Journals faux Invoices strikes again. An update!

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MyMac Podcast 42 Hurricane Katrina Help

MyMac Podcast 42 Hurricane Katrina Help

Download the Podcast from THIS link, or subscribe to our podcast on the iTunes Music Store podcast listing at THIS link. (That link will open iTunes software, take you to our listing. Simply hit Subscribe and each new episode will be downloaded automatically for you.)

This is a special, non-commercial Podcast recorded to advertise our latest Mac User Supporting Katrina Victims endevor.

Running time: 47:49 minutes long.

Send all feedback to MyMacPodcast@gmail.com. If you would like to help, please email Tim Robertson at tim@mymac.com

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MyMac Podcast #41
Roxio Toast 7 Contest

MyMac Podcast 41
You can download the MP3 file from THIS link, or visit the iTunes Music Store at THIS LINK to subscribe to our weekly show!

Contest Time! Win it before you can buy it!
Up for grabs this week, Roxio Toast 7! Listen to the Podcast for YOUR chance to win a copy of one of the best software packages you can buy! A $99 retail value, thanks to our friends at Roxio!

We love feedback, so please send us your thoughts, comments, and ideas to us at MyMacPodcast@Gmail.com

This week, Tim and Chad make a list of the “Top Ten Mac Items” they feel every Mac user should own. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know.

What is the deal with Element K Journals? Why are they billing Tim for subscriptions he did not want? Listen to the Podcast, and hear what happens when Tim calls their customer support phone number.

MacMinute.com News follows Not Mac News from Chris Seibold. Afterwards, Guy Serle’s The DashBoard Minute. Both are MyMac.com Podcast exclusives.

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