Garage Band Loops Contest Heats Up!

Garage Band Loops Contest Heats Up!

So far, there has been quite a few really good contestant songs entered into our Garage Band Loops contest, which you can learn more about here.

Some are really, really bad. If your song is fifteen seconds consisting of three different drum loops, I think you chances of winning are pretty slim.

I am amazed, though, at the creativity some have shown to create a song using only the loops in the stock shipping version of the GarageBand application. Then again, coming from Mac users, I suppose I should not be.

A few questions keep popping up, which I will answer here.


No, you cannot use any external audio loops, MIDI tracks, or vocals in your submission.ONLY loops that come with the GarageBand application can be used.

You cannot use loops from the GarageBand Jam Pack Apple sells.

Yes, we will probably run another contest that would allow you to use other loops and vocals. We already have a few companies wanting to sponsor our next contest.

Thanks, and be sure to enter the contest before the February 21 deadline!

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