Macworld San Francisco 2004 Special Report #5

I went through a conversion of sorts during the night, after submitting Tuesday’s second set of Macworld Conference and Expo photos, plus wrap-up thoughts. Wonderful what five hours of solid sleep can do to restore Nemo’s sense of perspective.

I’ve been taking this whole Macworld media rep situation way to seriously, as residue from past two years working intensely with David Weeks on comprehensive coverage. If Steve Jobs can have fun with a few million people, pretending to be a musician, Nemo can have fun with a few thousand people, pretending to be a reporter and photographer.

People who know me think I’m a serious fellow with a twinkle in his eye, but underneath there’s much more twinkle than appears on the surface. Beginning today, immediately, I’ll still work on doing a respectable job providing first-hand, from-the-showroom-floor images and text, but it’s time to LIGHTEN UP, NEMO. Life is short — go first class – enjoy the ride!

Appointments are scheduled throughout the day. In between I’ll stroll back and forth across showrooms in North and South Halls, meet and greet old pals and new chums, grab some grub and hydration, take a bunch of digital pictures, check email when convenient, stick my mug into an educational session or two, take care of some important work and personal calls, schmooze with product vendors about future reviews, see what MyMac.comrades are posting in our pithy, bizarre blogland, and dash upstairs for much-needed leg stretching and fresh air (it’s supposed to rain all day today, Wednesday).

Oh, nuts. Forgot again to comment on Keynote address. Question for Tim, our publisher: can we send readers to site with informed opinion on Stevespeak? If so, thanks. (From Tim Robertson: I would recommend this or this video on demand webcast of the event)

Couple of loosely related items:

THORLO TENNIS SOCKS are perfect for pounding the pavements of San Francisco and the carpets of Moscone Center. If your feet get hot (and Nemo’s get REALLY HOT), spend the $$$ for thick, padded, ugly white Thorlo tennis socks, and walk walk walk all day in comfort.

LaCIE introduced impressive Bigger Disk at yesterday’s press conference, in low-key presentation featuring terrabyte drive’s first appearance. Media reps received complimentary USB 2.0 flash drive watches, which I’m wearing today. Time is accurate, dial easy to read in dark, and watch is stylish. Remind me to submit photo, if not on our site in a day or two.

• Received Timbuk2 computer bag/pack from company CEO, which I’m using to hold Tekserve loaner iBook. Mixed feelings on overall practicality of this well-designed (appearance) product, with full report coming after more rigorous testing and comparisons.

• Ran into principals from CMS Peripherals, the ABS backup solution company, and they’re delighted to have review their highly rated products. Watch this space in a few months.

Whoa! Have to work on a couple of unusual pictures before first appointment. Until soon!


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