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Have you noticed some Mac sites that really do nothing more than talk about how many hits they get? Is that as boring to you as it is to me? Or how long they have been publishing. Or how many “pages” they have on their site. Yawn…

So one of my fellow MyMac-ers suggested I do a similar column, to show we get more hits than they do, have been publishing for almost eight years, you know the drill. Nahh…

(I guess I did do just that for a moment there, didn’t I? DOH!)

Anyone else getting tired of the constant war news? I mean, sure, I want to know what is going on just as much as the next guy, but holy-moley CableMan!

So, only one Macworld a year, eh? At least they kept the one in San Fran. I mean, I would much rather spend a week in January there than a week in the summer in NY or Boston.

I am finally reading Gil Amelio’s “On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple” that I have been meaning to get to for, I dunno, a few years now. Good book. I like Gil more than I did. I think he has been short-changed for the current state of Apple. Seems like a nice guy. Hey, I wonder if I could get him to write a column here… Maybe started a new feature, “Ex-Apple CEO Corner” or something.

Bet another Mac site steals that one.

Speaking of stealing, do you know how many things I started here at MyMac.com years ago, only to see show up on other sites? Good thing I am such a generous person. Otherwise I would be ticked off. Of course, I like to use these website link things, and I was not the first to come up with that idea…

Is it just me, or does “embedded journalist” seems like an obviously contradictory term and idea?

I love watching the Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf try to spin overwhelming coalition military success to make it seem as if Iraqi is winning the war. Yeah, I know I said I am sick of 24/7 war coverage, but just once I want to see that guy telling more lies and talking out of his ass as an American tank rolls past him while the television cameras are rolling. That would be great! Let him spin his way out of that one. He would probably say it was a captured tank that the Iraqi’s are using, while the American flag flutters on the tank.

Hey, my strapped-for-cash buddy John H. Farr from AppleLinks is selling some cool bronze, umm, things on ebay Go take a look, and bid big!

Hey, I just found out MacCentral is still publishing! Cool! Would be nice if they ever linked to some of our content. Yeah, right… I recommend MacMinute.com as the best up-to-date Mac news site. Gotta love the independent spirit there. And remember, MacMinute is run by the same guy who originally started MacCentral Ôlo those many moons ago.

Just did a search for myself at Google.com. Hey, I made it to the number one Tim Robertson there, finally passing Actor no one has ever heard of and some CometMan guy. No idea what that is all about.

Have fun!

Tim Robertson

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