I-VOLUTION for 20GB iPod

Review – I-VOLUTION for 20GB iPod
Tim Robertson
Publisher/Owner, Columnist, MacRelevant
Tuesday, 4/15/03

I-VOLUTION for 20GB iPod
Company: VAJA Corporation

Price: $69.90 US

I really do enjoy my 20GB iPod, and I really do want the best for it. When it comes to cases, I want something that feels as well built and sturdy as the iPod itself. I recently reviewed the FlipStand iPod case, and while I liked the plastic case / stand, it would be unfair for me to compare that unit with the Vaja case. While well built, there is really a matter of craftsmanship missing from the FlipStand, and that is very evident the first time you slide your iPod into the Vaja case.

The I-vod case from Vaja is a leather case wrapped around foam rubber. I am reviewing the i-vod with the ULTRA clip, which is a belt-clip that connects the back of the unit Ôala a Cell Phone. The clip itself is very sturdy, and the clip itself feels very formidable. I donÕt feel that my iPod could fall off my belt-loop when using the i-vod case and belt-clip. The clip itself attaches to the case via a metal plug in the back, again much like a cell phone clip.

The i-vod is very well crafted, and fit the iPod like a glove. It is very easy to slide the iPod in and out of the case. The leather feels very classy, not cheap like some leather cases I have felt. It is not thin like a cell phone case, but rather thick. The i-vod is open in front of the scroll wheel, the display, and the entire top of the iPod, so that you can access all the buttons and ports on the iPod.

I really enjoy the i-vod, and feel it is at the top of its class in iPod cases. I do wish it had a cover for the front of the iPod, one you could use when you have the iPod clipped to your belt out jogging. Without a front cover, the most delicate parts of the iPod has very little protection.

All in all, though, I am pleased with the i-vod. For almost $70 US, though, it is almost one-forth the cost of the iPod itself. Can spend more money for custom colored case.

New cushioned semirigid case
Full Access to all functions
3 ABS Layers
Optional ultra clip
Dimensions: 4-2/8″x2-6/8″x1-1/8″ inchs

Pros: Well crafted, attractive. Offers decent protection for the side and back of your iPod. Very nice belt-clip.

Cons: No front protection.

MacMice Rating: 4 out of 5

Tim Robertson

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