WiFi Dangerous? Bite Me

Ahoy ahoy. I’m going to give this blog thing a shot but I’m not going to be posting the usual blog fare, you know stuff like: “Mittens, I like them cause they keep your hands warm. Bye4now”. I’m going to try and make my particular entries a little more substantial. Please forgive me if the links and stuff don’t quite work yet or if the grammar is a bit off, first try and all.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff: This bit of fearmongering over at Applelinks wherein the author states that he is not, in fact, fearmongering. Although fearmongering is precisely what is going on. I also question the validity of some the research:
“A link between mobile phone use and memory loss was established in a controlled study by a hospital in Bristol, England. Richie Blackmore, a professor of physiology at Oxford university and former lead guitarist for the ’60s rock group Deep Purple, was quoted saying that “There is evidence of an adverse effect on cognitive function, memory and attention [when using mobile phones.” “
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Uh, yeah sure, Richie Blackmore is a professor at Oxford, smoke on the blackboard, testing in his eyes. The source of the quotation seems be an article posted on The Register and credited to Al Z Heimer. Yuk, Yuk, I’m lauhing so hard my kidneys may dislodge. I suspect careful research would’ve picked up on that bit of silliness.

Back to the issue at hand: Are Wi Fi setups dangerous? Let’s say they are, let’s assume that some people could possibly be adversely affected by Wi Fi. We know with near certainty that the most common electromagnetic radiation can cause disease and death, we call this electromagnetic radiation sunlight. Plus folks are fairly diverse so what might not affect me may, in fact, wreak harm on someone else. We should also assume this number is fairly small since 2.4 Ghz phones have been in use for some time without anyone noting catastrophic consequences. Now all that’s left to answer is the question of whether or not the risk posed by Wi Fi is worth the benefits. I’d say for the minimal risk of Wi Fi the benefits clearly outweigh the dangers.

Here it is important to remember that every action has an associated risk. If you eat a super healthy heart sparing diet of macrobiotic foods you still run the risk of choking to death. If you want to avoid that risk and get all your nourishment from a feeding tube you run the risk of infection. Bathing poses a risk, not bathing poses a risk, heck just being alive poses a risk that you may keel over and die (so far it’s 100% chance). So how can we tell if something really is life threatening without having to trust pesky sciencetists and scheming governments? The answer is pretty simple: go buy life insurance.

You see when you buy life insurance you’ve got to fill out forms, pee and give blood. These folks are going to pay out when you die and they want to be as certain as possible they don’t have to pay until they’ve gotten a fair chunk of your checking account. They’ll know if you smoke, take illegal drugs, how far you drive to work, and what you blood serum cholesterol level is. Since the actuaries are interested in the stuff that kills you can be pretty certain that those test identify risky behaviors. So far Wi Fi is not on the list, if it shows up the next time I renew my life insurance I’ll start worrying, until then I feel pretty safe.
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