New Writers Abound

I love it when I write an article in which I can welcome new writers to the virtual pages of! And today is one such article. is proud to welcome not one, not two, but THREE new writers to our virtual home here in the virtual world. They are Chris Seibold, Evan Kleiman, and a Dr. Tim Hillman.

Chris Seibold comes to us from, where he entertained us with his McGoofy columns. Chris is a great writer, and brings a lot of fun and creativity to the table. Chris, in his “real life” inspects cellulose casing for emulsified meat products. Not sure what that really means, but just saying it aloud makes me hungry for some Hot Dogs. Yummy!

Evan Kleiman is currently a high-school student, but don’t for an instant let that color your view on either his writing ability or computer knowledge. Evan has been writing regularly for our friends over at LowEndMac since 1999, where he wrote many articles, most notably many MacDaniel and Mac Happens. Evan brings the very important viewpoint of the young computer user to us, the future of the Macintosh platform.

Answer: MacCentral, MacOPINION, MacOS Daily, MacObserver.
Questions: Name at least four Mac web sites that Dr. Tim Hillman wrote for, at one time or another.

Dr. Tim Hillman, before leaving the Mac web for an extended period of time, was one of the more prolific and respected writers on the Mac Internet. What more could he hope to do here at Why, write about anything he likes! We have been expanding our content beyond Macintosh related subjects for over a year now, and “Doc Hillman” has the prescription: great writing!

Wow. That is three great writers moving into our comfy house here we call! But fear not, our long time stable of writers will still be here, as we move well into our six-plus years of publishing.

Welcome, Tim, Evan, and Chris, and the other new writers waiting in the wings. We hope you enjoy your time here, and we hope that time is long and rewarding. Speaking for everyone here, we are just simply thrilled to have you!

Tim Robertson

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