MWNY ’01 – Why YOU need a Digital Camera

Ah, photo galleries. If you cannot attend the Macworld Expo this week in New York City, what other way can you really “be” there but from pictures? As
such, has sent our intrepid Webmaster, Adam, to MWNY with strict
orders to use his new digital camera to really capture the mood and feeling
of “being there.” Adam has a lot of practice at Macworld Expos, and as I
write this, he has already posted four photo galleries for your enjoyment.

A few weeks ago, Adam purchased his first digital camera. Up to this point,
Adam had used either conventional film cameras, or digital cameras that used
floppy disks. When he called me asking my opinion on a digital camera
purchase, I told him he would never regret it.

Taking photos with a digital camera is a totally different experience than
it is with a film camera. For one, you have a sense of freedom. Lets face
it, film and developing costs money, above and beyond the cost of the camera
itself, and as such, most people will only take “good” pictures. You won’t
waste your film taking just any picture.

Not so with a digital camera. I have owned a Kodak DC240 for almost a year
now, and I cannot fathom ever going back. With a 64MB memory card, I can
take over 150 hi-res pictures with the unit. 150 pictures! Heck, I am
clicking away at everything, taking pictures of this and that at will. Why
not? It does not cost me a dime more.

This is what I have been doing during family gatherings at my home.

I boot up in OS X. I set the screen saver built in to X to run, using
pictures I have taken with my digital camera. Many of these pictures are
from past family events. And a strange a neat thing happens. People will
start to walk right by my Mac, stop, and end up watching the screen saver
for ten, fifteen minutes. It is a 3D photo album, and they all love it.

So if you can’t attend the expo this week, feel free to look through our
online photo gallery, as Adam tries to bring the energy and feel of the
event to you. And if you have been thinking of buying a digital camera, you
have my hearty recommendation. It will be money well spent, and you WILL
love it.

Tim Robertson

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