MWNY ’01 – Byte Me!

At the Big Apple: – and the Adobe booth is where?

Yeah,. Yeah. Yeah. I know Adobe is not physically at MacWorld because they want to cut expenses – but it’s like your mother missing your 21st birthday.

Dear Ma,

The party was all set up. This year we are at MacWorld New York again. The Crystal Palace has more glass then that ring I bought you for your 50 th. It is a cool place nevertheless but you would probably add some fresh flowers and a touch of designer wallpaper to help camouflage the acres of steel supports.

Mac people wait for these parties like ants wait for a picnic. We look forward to all the goodies (new introductions) and the pontifications of Saint Steve of Cupertino – bless his black turtleneck and jeans keynote uniform.

It’s also a great time to check all the bloopers of the rumours sites. But hold on. This time the rumours were pretty well dead on. No flat panel iMac and no basic box change. Some one get me a dentist! That box is so long in the tooth it should be called the iWalrus.

Also the rumour mongers were right about no GHz G4’s. Guess the Big Steve was pissed that they were right on – almost as pissed as he was about that digital camera that didn’t work on cue on stage. I could feel the “dagger stare” through my QuickTime player. Big Steve was not a happy camper. Later in the keynote he demonstrated how OS X (10.1) can detect USB cameras (the camera or a reasonable facsimile was back and working) and automatically launches the image capture application and downloads any photos into the Pictures folder in the Finder. That was a great example of the Digital Hub concept working before your eyes.

But honest Ma, it wasn’t the same without you. Thank’s for sending Aunt Selma and Uncle Theodore to represent the family. They kept us informed of what was happening at home and at the family camera shop. Some of the gadgets they talked about sounded Xcellent. Can’t wait to try them out for real. Hope the family business is more profitable this coming year and you can afford to be present at my next birthday celebration.
Love ya Ma,


P.S. In the mean time you can send the cheque by mail.

Ralph J. Luciani

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