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My Mac #18, Oct. 1996

Free Reviews!

Hi, I love your most recent versions of My Mac, though the downloads are killing me. With my 28.8 modem I’m usually at 45 minutes per edition on AOL. Is there a way get these on disk? I’ll gladly send you a box of blank disks and self-addressed envelopes (stamped, of course). I think I remember this as an option.

Also, I am sending along a folder with a program called Fonts on Parade. I use this all the time, and it never lets me down. Anyone who works in desktop publishing, or frequently adds fonts, or has so many fonts they need a “reminder” of what a face looks like will find this EXTREMELY useful. I already use PopCharLite, and this too is very useful, but with Fonts On Parade you can easily select a text size and type, and even put in your own words for it to display. I often use the last feature when working at my desk with a client to show them their company name in a particular face. Put this little application in your Apple Menu for best ease of use (just a suggestion).

Hope you have a chance to try it and like what you see. And by the way, it is FREE (I’ve sent the actual AOL download so you’ll have the read-me attached).

Thanks for all the work you do to make my life in Mac Land more entertaining and productive.

Best regards,
John Sadler

Thanks for the “review” of Fonts on Parade, John! I tried the program you sent, and found it very useful as well. Anyone out there with the need should take John’s advice and give it a try.

As for receiving My Mac via postal mail, it would be cheaper to just subscribe to the $30.00 a year Deluxe edition. This way, you not only get My Mac Magazine, but three to four other disks packed full of cool stuff. (Most subscribers seem to like the huge selection of system 7 sound files and desktop patterns the most.) A one time fee of $30.00 is much easier than sending disks and stamps each month!

Caroline in the City’s Andy Lauer on AOL:

“I ran into [Anthony Hopkins] at the premiere of Mission: Impossible. I was walking backward and I bumped into him. I turned around and saw Hannibal the Cannibal. I let out a slight scream. The guy next to him (Patrick Stewart) said, ‘You must relax; you’re safe with me.'”

This was sent to me from one of the staff, though I cannot remember from whom. I thought it was funny…

Web site and Macs!

I have enjoyed your site very much. I work in Technical Support and a lot of the time I just want to tell people to buy a Mac, because they’re the best! Please, save me from having to rewrite another Trumpet Winsock login script because some poor schlub decided to muck around with the variable settings!!

I have a Quadra 840 A/V now, and my sister still uses my Mac Plus. (Really one of the original Mac 128’s, upgraded through 512 Kb of RAM to a whopping 2 megs! I bought that computer in 1985 and it is still running strong!!)

Again, thanks for a great page and keep up the hard work, your site is excellent!!

John Bucchiere

…and yes, a Power Mac purchase is in the works…

I love getting mail from Mac users with stories about people who still use older Macs. It makes me wonder how many IBM PCjuniors are still in use? Not as many, I would bet.


Just a note to say thanks for the review of DragThing in My Mac #17 and to make a few corrections. Firstly, you can’t email the author of DragThing at, because I’m the author and that’s not my address!

Not sure where you got that from, but it’s – and if anybody told you differently, I’d like to know about it!

Secondly, it’s not exactly free. For people in education and working for non-profit organizations it is. For individuals, I ask they they send me ‘something cool’ if they use it. There is a list of stuff in the manual. For big corporate companies, it costs $15 a copy, with various volume discounts.

But apart from that, thanks a lot!

You can find the latest DragThing information by the way, at the web page at

which you might want to also point your readers at.

Thanks again,


Sorry about that, James! For all those out there who tried to write James a letter about DragThing, please contact him at this address. Better yet, drop by his Web site!

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