MyMac Podcast 187
Pat Fauquet – Lee Returns

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Pat Fauquet joins David, Tim, and Guy for a segment on Dr. Mac Consulting, the Washington Apple PI user group, and Sam Levin hits us up with three new Cool Mac Picks. Lee Givens joins in for the low-down on iPhone development, Mac OS 10.5.4 coming soon, the rumors about 10.6, and much more.

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Other World Computing:
Mac-Pro Systems MicPlug XLR Plug
eSATA Extender Cable

Links from the show:
Dr. Mac Consulting
Washington Apple Pi

Aliph’s The ‘new’ Jawbone

Griffin Technology’s WindowSeat

Case-Mate’s NAKED case for iPhone

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MyMac Podcast 179

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Chad Perry and Chris Seibold return for a semi-reunion show. Chris chats about his new book, Big Book of Apple Hacks, while Chad chats about his iPod Touch. Lee Givens, David Cohen, Guy Serle, and Tim Robertson fill out the rest of the features segments, while Sam Levin joins us for a Cool Mac Picks. John Nemo returns with an All Over The Mac, and following with the reunion theme, we have a Not Mac News and a Dashboard Minute. It’s like 2005 all over again!

Email contest entries to: Be sure to put CONTEST in the subject line! Win a copy of Chris’s Big Book of Apple Hacks.

Links from the show:
Big Book of Apple Hacks
America Online
Simplify Media – Explore friends’ music while they are online
Western Digital My Passport Essential portable hard drive
RadTech PROCABLE – in-ear isolation headset for iPhone

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Nemo Memo
The Best Internet Radio You’ve Never Heard

When America Online (AOL) became a free-subscription service recently, members no longer need to pay for its features, except tech support. Tens of millions of people worldwide continue to use AOL. Among them are clever Macintoshers who join only for an AOL Instant Message (AIM) identity that is compatible with Apple’s excellent iChat, and that provides a second-rate webmail service that is finally straightforward and stable.

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Help with AOL 3.0

I know that cheers roared out once America Online announced the new “Preview” of AOL 3.0 software! Finally, we thought, America Online was paying

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Farewell to eWorld

Parting is such sweet sorrow. After more than five months with eWorld, I have decided not to continue membership with this online service. The

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