DragThing 1.6.2

DragThing 1.6.2

A neat and very useful program, DragThing 1.6.2 is a definite must for all Mac users whose desktops are unorganized. DragThing is an application that allows you to clean up the icons that litter your desktop and it also provides a “launcher” type interface.

Just drag an application from the Finder onto an empty square in a dock and whenever you want to launch a document, simply drag it to the application’s square that supports that document. You may also double-click the application to launch it. In addition, the docks can consist of folders, files, servers, and disks. DragThing also enables you to have various layers of items in a dock by using a “folder tab” system. If an error occurs, an alert will appear which will give you the opportunity to either quit or continue. There are also numerous shortcuts which you will find in your DragThing manual, which is included in your download. There have been many improvements from the previous version of DragThing (1.6.1).

This application is not only a must for any Macintosh user that has a disorderly desktop, but for that tidy user it is an enhancement of your already neat and clean desktop. You don’t even have to pay a shareware fee – it’s free. I recommend this program because of its tremendous capabilities of organization.

You may e-mail the author of DragThing at: mindvision@mindvision.com

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