The Critic

Why can’t Apple see the big picture? Advertising means more than promoting movies. ‘The Power to save the world’ from Independence Day isn’t going to work all the time. Sure it is catchy, effective to those of us who already own Macs, but Apple needs to target those others who don’t own Macs yet. (i.e., the new computer buyer)

How about an Apple NASCAR? Apple should start endorsing some sporting events, there is definitely some populous to influence there. What about some cheesy commercials that depict Apple as a corporation for business? I know they lost that battle in the 80’s, but aren’t we taught to try, try again?

Maybe Gilbert Amelio can solve some of these problems for all of us, but all I hear him talk about is ‘downsizing’ and ‘simplifying.’ What about advertising? Isn’t it time for some aggressive moves in the marketing department? Heck, for that matter, it was time about 10 years ago! But who’s counting? (I am!)

Why don’t Apple officials check out the local computer retail store? They would see that the Macintosh displays leave much to be desired. The shelves are empty, the computers are poorly kept, and the salespeople are UNEDUCATED! Apple Computer needs to take a more active role in the depot computer arena, or get out.

A great computer interface will not make up for a terribly marketed computer! Why can’t Apple see this? Maybe if Gil can’t cut the mustard, Apple should hire a marketing expert for the next CEO. That is what they need: Marketing, not R&D (not that I am complaining about the neat technology I get to use).

I doubt that Apple will ever die. After all, they are the R&D of the whole damned computer industry! If they would like to make some money, though, they should consider being more like Microsoft. Yes, I said it, more like Microflop! Microsoft may make poorly engineered products, but they also make big money. Microsoft markets their products!

Gil wants to get back to the old days when Macs were “Built Ford Tough”. This is all well and good , but does that mean prices will go back up? Have they accomplished so much just for it all to fall apart in the name of profit margins? Apple’s bread and butter is in the home/school arena, not the high-end niche markets. Leave those to the clone venders.

When will Apple see the big picture? Hopefully before it’s too late.

It is amazing that Apple has survived this long. Honestly! No company has ever, in the history of man, done so well while being marketed so poorly. Apple has survived this long on pure compassion, devotion, and R&D. It is time to move forward. Time to become a company to be reckoned with. Time for a power play!

When will Apple see the Big picture? Does Gil see the Big picture? I hope, so for all of us.

I propose that Apple devotes 25% of their R&D budget to marketing. Yes, I love all the innovations that make a Mac a Mac, but I would also like to be using a Mac ten years from now. It won’t hurt Apple to let MicroFlop and the rest of the copy-cat industry catch up another ten years in technology; they will still be ten years behind.

If Apple would market their products better they would make a lot more money without raising prices. They could still invent as much of that neat technology as they do now, if not more, and they would also be making a profit! Would that be so bad, Mr. Gil? I hope you agree with me.

Wake up Apple, and see the Big picture!

Market your products better; we would all like to be using them in the future. I also know that the shareholders would like to to be holding shares (ones worth money anyway) in the future! So let’s make some changes in the other half of the company – the half that hasn’t really existed since you existed. Marketing!!!!

Open your eyes and see the big picture.

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