Pete’s top ten reasons to use e-mail

Pete’s top ten reasons to use e-mail

10) It’s just not cool not to.

9) You never have to scream, “Where the hell’s the letter opener!”

8) You never have to stand in line to buy postage stamps.

7) Saves wear and tear on your paper shredder.

6) You never have to taste envelope and stamp glue.

5) You don’t have to put your pants on to check the mailbox.

4) Mail gets delivered on Sundays and holidays.

3) You’ll never accidently stab yourself with the letter opener.

2) Faxes are sooooo slow!

1) You never hear about an E-mail worker going crazy and killing 12 people.


Pete’s Top Ten “simple” reasons to buy a Macintosh

10) Cute Logo

9) Others navigate. The Macintosh “Finds.”

8) Admit it, we all like rooting for the underdog!

7) The name “PowerBook” sounds more dynamic than the “girlie-man” name “Laptop”

6) No confusion about which mouse button to push.

5) Most Performa models make it impossible to lose your monitor.

4) You’re too late for the big Windows95 party: Be early for Apples big
Copland bash. (rumor has it that “The Beatles” will re-unite just to
record a Copland theme song!)

3) An apple a day keeps the doctor away: A PC a day keeps your nerves on edge.

2) You get a Kawasaki with every Mac. (Let the good times roll!)

1) No such thing as “Mad Dogcow” disease!

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