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In East and Central Europe, many things have changed. After the end of communism, people started to think different. Computers came to the eastern market very fast. They were cheap, so many sellers decided to bring Amigas and PCs to their shops. From day to day, people started to buy these machines, then programs, games and hardware to make every PC’s station go better. Today, computers are as popular as in western countries, but where are Apple’s Macintoshes?

A few weeks ago, someone was asking me about differences between Intel’s and Motorola’s processors. Even two years ago, Motorola’s products were much more popular than Intel’s. Amigas were in almost every house. Multimedia, graphics and music in a computer with “Intel Inside” were hardly praised by buyers. When Commodore’s Company split, everyone forgot about Motorola’s values. In exchange of Amigas, computer users bought many PCs without checking the situation with the third existing computer – Macintosh. Those people who decided to buy Macs had (they still have) problems with software and hardware. They could always find some not (too) legal copies of programs, but they never discovered the real Mac’s multimedia by buying software this way. Last year’s LC 630 promotion did not bring (the) Apple Company much success. Financial crisis made Macs’ buyers upset and not sure about a future for their computers. One of the LC’s user’s related (to) me a story, (about) when he bought Hewlett Packard’s DeskJet. After he opened a box with this printer, he checked (and found) that there was a disk only with (the) driver to (a) PC! Now, he must find the Mac’s driver on the Internet, which he doesn’t have.

I would like all Macintoshes to be much more popular here. This is not just a computer, it is real friend to every man.

Pawel Pokutycki


I was born in Wroclaw (Poland). As I young boy, I had a lot to do with firsts (in) computers. I had a lot (of) success with creating computer pictures and animations. As a person who knows the polish computer art market, I started to run a competition for young computer artists called YEA. The idea of Young Electronic Arts came from Anton Bubenik (Germany), who was very open for discovering talented youth. Since he died two years ago, my father and I have been running this competition in Poland only. Every year we visit local computer fairs and write to a lot of people from other countries to join our competition. For our multimedia projects we use wonderful Macintoshes.

I am also a drummer in a blues-band, so music is very close to me, too. I am very interested in writing letters to people from all over the world.
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Pawel Pokutycki
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