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My Mac Magazine #14, June ’96

New writers abound!

This month, My Mac welcomes four new writers!

First, Dustin Roberts joins My Mac with a new column dedicated to the new user. His new column is called “The Starting Line”, and will be a ongoing monthly column. (Hey, he even has his July edition turned in already!)

John Clark joins us for this issue with a letter we hope someone at Apple will read! It’s called “MacPalmTop”, and in it John lays out what he would like to see Apple develop on the PDA side of computing. We here at My Mac hope to see more from John in the coming months.

Want to run Windows 95 on your Mac? New software reviewer Eric Manchester takes a look at SoftWindows95, and gives us the low down. Eric really knows his stuff, and My Mac is pleased to welcome him aboard!

And this issue marks the debut of “My Mac International”, where we invite writers from counties outside the United States to write in about their Macintosh computing activities. We have many readers from all over the world, and we hope to hear from you! Please share with us your stories, as we would like to expand our horizons and learn what using a Mac means in another country! The first such writer is Pawel Pokutycki from POLAND, so be sure to drop him a letter after reading “Pawels Story”.

From the “opps” department:

Yeah, I know. I said I would have a review of Lucas Arts “Full Throttle for this issue. But to be honest, I have not gotten very far in the game yet, and I want to keep at it until next issue to give an accurate review. But so far, it is very neat!

What’s Going on Here?

Something very strange is going on, have you noticed it yet? People are naming their computers. That’s right, giving names to inanimate objects, to a tool. Of course we all walk into the room that our computer is in and we always say “Hi Bubba (or Betty, Eloise, Bob, Leroy, Dwayne, Speed Demon, Trusty Scout), how are you doing today? Ready to get to work? And of course, our beloved Mac responds right back, “Sure am, what took you so long?” I’ve begun to notice this among my friends and have even read about this in other e-zines, where writers have given names to their Mac’s, like it’s a family member or something. No wonder those PC users call us Mac types fanatics! Imagine naming your computer like it was a boat or a car. Come on in and sit down in front of the M.C. Speedster (M.C. for Mac Computer) and begin to do your thing and…….
I’m sorry, but the Publisher is on the line, could you all please stand by for a second?

“Hey boss, what’s up?” *********
Oh, I’m doing my Editor’s opinion piece. ********
I know that you’re gonna love it, it’s about people naming their Macs. That’s right, giving a name to their Macs, like it was alive or something. ********************* ** ***** **** ***** ***
What was that boss? ******* ****** *** ***** ***** ** ***
Yours was named “Speedy”??!! ***** **** ****** !!!!
Of course it’s a great idea, nothing wrong with it at all!! Hell, I even have a name for mine. ** **** ****** ** Mine? Ahh, Chuckie! **** * ****!
Right, just like in the movie. ***** *** *** ********
One of your articles this month is on “Speedy”? Well, I know everyone is going to love it! You know, the human touch, that certain bonding between a Mac user and their Mac. The thing that sets us apart from the everyday run of the mill PC user. *** *** ***** ** ***
Ok, I’ll read your story when I finish this piece. Take it easy. *** **.

Now, as I was saying, this bonding between a Mac user and their Mac by naming the Mac and giving it that certain quality that PC’s lack; a karma, a personality or a spirit, whatever word you want to use, is what sets us apart from the poor PC types. In this month’s issue, be sure to read publisher Tim Robertson’s piece “Speedy” to get a better understanding of the bond that exists between a Mac enthusiast and their Mac.

In response to numerous requests, My Mac is happy to offer a text-only version of My Mac! It will be the same magazine you are now reading, but in a text-only format. If you would rather receive the text-only version, please drop us a letter with the words “Text Only” somewhere in the message.

We know that some people could live without all the pretty pictures, and a text-only version would suit you much better. If that is you, please send an email to either troberts@ccm.tdsnet.com or rawalk@dc.infi.net
From The “About Time” Department

Well, months after I made the suggestion that AOL would have to have a better pricing plan to compete with the growing popularity of the Internet, they have done just that. Starting July first, members can elect to switch to the 20/20 plan, and I say it’s about damn time! For $20, members will now get 20 hours of online time. ($2.95 per hour over the twenty, same as before). I don’t know about you other AOL members out there, but I am jumping on this one!

In a letter to AOL members, President Steve Case said “With the new (Pricing) plan, we are saying ‘thank you’ to these members and making it easier and more affordable than ever for them to share the magic of AOL with their families.” How nice. But next, how about a plan for unlimited time for Power Users? (Those who use the system more than the average user) Like $30 for unlimited access? THAT is what I am waiting for!
From The “HEY!” department

Hey, did anyone else finally get Apple’s System 7.5 Update 2 CD in the mail, only to find it available in the June edition of MacUser!?! Boy,I was SO upset! Waiting all that time, rushing to the mailbox as soon as I got home from work everyday, and when I finally get it, I also find it in MacUser the same day at a grocery store! Apple better be damn glad they did not charge anyone shipping and handling charges, let me tell you!

Hey, I’ll add my two cents to the great Apple System 7.5 Update furor too. Like everyone else, I too called in, waited on hold for a human (although Apple did have really enjoyable music playing in the background for a change) and gave my information to have the CD version sent to me. And like Tim, I go to the food store and see MacUser sitting in the magazine rack with the CD update staring out at me three days after I finally get my copy delivered in the mail. (3 1/2 weeks after calling in) My question is: Since I also subscribe to MacUser and get it at home, couldn’t they just as well have sent it along with the regular subscription issue? And why not the rest of the paper magazines, like MacWorld, Mac Home Journal, etc. Mr. A. may be changing things at Apple, but maybe he should start with the PR and Marketing staff.

We need your help to let us know how we’re doing with My Mac. Your feedback on what we’re doing right (or wrong) is important to us and helps us produce a quality ezine that you will continue to read and enjoy. If there is something that you want to see covered, write and tell us. If you like what we’re doing, let us know.

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