Windows 95 patch

Windows 95 patch

Shareware: $2.00

The look and feel of your Mac is one of the most endearing aspects of owning a Macintosh, and with all the custom icons and software that lets you customize your Mac’s looks, it should be no surprise that someone, sometime, would make it easy to get a Windows 95 look. Last issue My Mac reviewed a ~Aaron patch that would give your Mac a very Windows 3.1 look. The creator of that patch, Bobby Kolling, has also released the Windows 95 patch.

By using ResEdit and a copy of ~Aaron, your Mac will soon become that which you most fear: Microsoft Windows 95. (Shudder! I hear the Darth Vader theme march in my head right now.) O.K., your Mac won’t BECOME Windows 95, but it will sort of look like it.

One of the nicer aspects to Windows 95 patch is the off-yellow folders. Mr. Kolling did a fine job of creating them. Also nice is the trash can, which, when empty, is the standard ~Aaron 3D type, albeit with a Microsoft logo on it. When full, it transforms into a recycle bin with trash overflowing. The Apple logo for the Apple menu also changes to a Microsoft logo when the Windows 95 patch is installed.

So if you really want to get that Windows 95 look, this is the ~Aaron patch for you. Bobby Kolling can be reached at

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