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Readers Top Ten

Welcome once again to the Top Ten shareware readers choice survey! Last month, I asked that you send in your top share-freeware software picks, and many of you did just that. I have also been keeping a list of those of you who sent in a list after the last Top Ten back in issue #7, so those results are included here as well.

This will be a ongoing survey, and I encourage you to send in your list anytime! We will do a new Top Ten in issue #13, or thereabouts. So, without future delay…


(10) Looks as if many Mac users are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Copland, the next OS from Apple. But you do not have to wait for Apple to get the Copland look, thanks to ~Aaron! This extension will give your mac the look and feel of Copland, though not the features.


(9) Another program to change the look of your mac, Décor lets you have full pictures for a background rather than a bunch of small patterns available from Apple. Have a picture of a loved one? Use Décor to place it on your desktop! With the many pictures available for downloading on AOL and the Internet, you can have a custom desktop as often as you like!


(8) For those using either America Online or eWorld, ArtValve is a must have program. It will stop the download of new graphics, thus speeding up your time online, and saving you money in the meantime! No more “Please wait…” messages with this handy Control Panel!


(7) ShrinkWrap is like DiskCopy on steroids! This application will created disk images with a simple drag and drop feature. With ShrinkWrap, you can create multiple disk images for distribution on floppy’s, create “instant” RAM disks, and more! ShrinkWrap does it all!

The Tilery

(6) The Tilery is a much better program launcher than Apple’s launcher control panel. The Tilery is very customizable, which is always a plus for us mac users who love to make our computers look “just right”. For more on The Tilery, see Russ Walkowich’s column in this very issue!


(5) The Web Browser of choice for Web surfers! While I am not sure if Netscape can be considered shareware/freeware, many of you listed it on your must have list, so it takes the number 5 spot. Netscape is rapidly becoming the standard on the web, and if you are reading this online, you can download the latest version right now! Simple go to the MyMac Online home page, and click the Netscape button!

The Stuffit family

(4 ) Everyone uses Stuffit to compress data, and with Stuffit Lite, Stuffit Expander, and Drop Stuff all avalible for downloading from the internet and online services, it is a must have for anyone sending or reciving data. With the Stuffit family so readily avalible, I wonder how many people even think of buying the comercial Stuffit Deluxe?

Graphic Converter

(3) Simply put, Graphic Converter is the best utility for converting any graphics you may have. This supurb program does it all. If you don’t already have it (and with it ranking number 3 on the Top Ten, most do!) it is time you download Graphic Converter today!


(2) The freely distributed anti virus program, last listed at number one, has fallen to the second spot on the list. Why? Well, with most newer mac’s shipping with Virex, many mac users don’t think they need it. If you fall into this category, your wrong. Disenfectant is a great program, and you can never be over protected from a virus! Get it today!


(1) After counting all the lists, and tallying up the numbers, TechTool is the clear winner in this poll. Everyone is using it! This is a freeware program that will rebuild you desktop, zap your pram, and more. (See Russ Walkowich’s column in this issue for more). TechTool is a clear winner for many software awards, and is now the number one program with My Mac readers!

There you have it, the Top Ten! How many of the software listed here do you not have? All mac users should have at least four of these programs, if not all, depending on your needs. Again, My Mac will do a new top ten in issue #13, so start sending in your lists now!

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