Quit All Applications 1.0

Quit All Applications 1.0


At only 5k, Quit All Applications 1.0 is a very small, very handy utility that does one thing very well. When you double click it, all applications will quit. So what? Well, I keep a copy of this in my Apple menu, and have found it useful many times. However, there are a few problems with it that Powerbook users may want to watch out for, such as when you use it, your Battery Monitor program will also quit. Ouch. But creator David Giandomenico has told My Mac that a newer version, due out the same time as this review, should add features such as allowing the user to selectively kill applications and exclude applications, as well as being able to rebuild the desktop. (‘ala TechTool).

As it stands, Quit All Applications 1.0 is a good program, though lacking in features soon to be addressed in the next version. (Note: the next version will be shareware, not freeware.) You can contact David Giandomenico at 100016.1053@CompuServe.COM. My Mac will look for the next version for a review soon.

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