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MyMac Magazine #9, Jan 1996


I received #8 in my mail. Thank you. I really enjoyed reading it. My subscription started with this issue & everyone is referring to what they wrote or read in #7, but I can’t find it on AOL. I used filesearch & found all the others, but I don’t see #7. Am I looking in the wrong place? Please help! I feel like I’m missing something. Thanks. I’m looking forward to #9.

Sue Green

Thanks for writing in, Sue! I get many letters about back issues, and though I have helped Sue out already, I figured I would print this letter in the hope that others will find it useful.

To find all back issues of My Mac, do a keyword search on AOL for “DS9DS9”. You will find all back issues there, except the elusive #7. For some reason, it will not show up? So, if you want issue seven, you must go to Macworld Online, and search the “new uploads” area. You must hit the “more” button a million times, but it is still listed there. Macworld also has a folder for electronic publications, so perhaps it will be moved their as well.
For those of you wondering, I do not send out back issue’s. Sorry, but I really do not have the time, or money! However, with the Web page under construction, perhaps we may post a few there as well? I have also tried to use AOL members “FTP” option, but have yet gotten it to work. I’m sure it is not hard to do, I simply have not had the time to play with it!

Mr. Robertson,

I read your MY Mac, Nov. magazine and was very impressed with the content. Good job. One thing you may want to look into for future issues. AOL’s internet access tool, web browser, for Mac. I have had nothing but trouble with it from the start. It keeps giving me messages like “you must have browser installed, available for downloading” even when it IS installed. I got it to work for a few days and then I got hung up sending mail and the whole system locked up on me. I think their system was overloaded or something. I had to turn off the computer to get out since I wasn’t about to wait another 30 minutes for things to clear up by itself at $3/hr!!!
When I got back on, I had to reinstall BOTH AOL 2.6 and Browser and then I started getting the “you must ….” message again. I haven’t been able to get back on since then.

I have gotten some online help from a few AOL staff types and they have tried to help and always returned my mail. But they just haven’t de-glitched their system yet. Or it’s overcrowded or I don’t know what.

I think you should do an investigation of this.

Put me on your email list for monthly updates. I like your online magazine a lot. (at least for now at

I have talked to a few AOL tech’s and Rep’s as well. The problem, quite simply, is that the Mac Web browser is buggy. It was rushed into production to meet demand. See, AOL had already released a beta version of a web browser for the PC users, so they figured (correctly) that all of the Mac users would get upset, as they did not have that option, even though we Mac users were paying the same rate as the PC users, and did not have the same benefits. Just one more slap in the face for those of us who own a superior system.

I would suggest that, if using AOL again, and it locks up on you, try hitting “Option-Command-Esc” key, rather than a hard shutdown. This will force the computer to “force quit”. And though it does not always work, it is better for you mac than a hard shutdown. And if you wish to continue using AOL, I would suggest trashing the Browser, and just use AOL as before. It is just not worth all the headache!

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