Performa 6300CD

Performa 6300CD
Price: $2,799

Company: Apple Computer, Inc.

Here is the computer for the experienced high-end home computer user! With 100 megahertz of raw power, and 16 megabytes of RAM, this computer is powerful enough to handle all of today’s power hungry applications. And, with the expandability that it offers, it has room to grow with you. The 6300CD also offers a internal apple 600i quad speed CD-ROM drive, a 1.2 gigabyte hard drive, and a 28.8 internal modem with built in speaker phone and digital answering machine. It also comes with a built in Apple Superdrive floppy disk drive, built in speakers, an Apple Plain Talk microphone, and 16-bit stereo sound. The multiple scan 15″ display wraps up the package. Everything but the mouse pad!

The 6300CD also comes pre-loaded with the norm for Performa’s, such as At Ease, eWorld with internet access, Claris Works 4.0, Quicken5, Mac Gallery Clip art, Click art Performa collection, Mac Link Plus Easy Open Translators, The American Hertiage Dictionary, Virex, The 1995 Groiler Multimedia Encyclopedia on CD-ROM, Maxis Widget workshop, Club kid soft CD, and much more!

The 6300’s expandability options include 5 expansion ports and 4 expansion slots, including a bay for and internal TV-tuner, a video slot for a video input card, a communications slot, (which is filled up by the 28.8 modem), and 1 LC-compatible PDS slot. The 6300CD also comes ready for MPEG for full screen, full motion video.

The only downside of the 6300CD is that it uses a Power PC 603e processor instead of the regular 603. The difference is that the 603e is slower because of it’s smaller design. Do not let that discourage you, though! The 6300CD is blazing the way for all the performa’s of the future, and should make many owners of this awesome machine happy and proud. It is much faster than my Performa 6115CD, which was the fastest Performa ever made! This is a great computer, and I highly recommend it.

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