MAXRam 1.6 – Review

MAXRam 1.6

This is one shareware utility that ALL users of Connectix’s Ram Doubler should have!

MAXRam will increase Ram Doublers multiplier value from 2 to 6. What does this mean? Well, if you have 8 megs, and use Ram Doubler, you will get 16. With MAXRam, you will get 48! Of course, this is only 48 megs of “virtual” memory, just like Ram Doubler’s 16.

MAXRam 1.6 ONLY works with Ram Doubler 1.6. If you have a older version, you can upgrade free of charge by downloading Ram Doubler 1.6 updater, found on all the major BBS’s, online service’s, or via the internet at “”.

Spencer Low, MAXRam’s creator, has indicated that this will be the final version of MAXRam, due to a increase in school work. Understandable, of course, and I wish him the best of luck in school.

So how well does MAXRam work? I have spent hours using it with almost every program I have, and have had only a few minor problems. The first, and this is expressed in MAXRam’s “read me” file, is a slow down in processing. In other words, your mac slows down some. It is a trade off, I suppose, but for the added benefit of six times the Ram, it is a easy one to make.

Shareware cost is only $5.00, well worth it. Figure Ram Doubler is around $50.00, and all you get it twice the Ram. By spending an extra five bucks, you get six times the Ram. A good deal any way you look at it!

MAXRam can be found on AOL, or on the Internet at: “”.

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