Folder Fun 1.0

Folder Fun 1.0

This neat little program has one feature only: to create as many folders as you want at blazing speed. And I do mean blazing! Simply click one Folder Fun, select how many folders you want to create, select where you want them, and presto! Each folder is listed 1-2-3 and so on, not “Untitled 1, Untitled 2, ect..”

Matthew Nolan, creator of Folder Fun, has made it freeware, so it will not cost you a dime. (Nice guy, eh?). You can do a Keyword search of “Pioneer Software” to find it on AOL. Or write to “” for locations via the Internet.

I tried Folder Fun 1.0 out, and found no problems at all. To be honest, and I told Matthew this myself, I am not sure why someone would really need it for? I cannot imagine a reason anyone would need 100 empty folders? But, if you do, and want them NOW, then Folder Fun 1.0 is for you!

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