IK Multimedia Releases iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit — Review

The iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit Meets All Your iOS Connection Needs
Company: IK Multimedia
Price: $59.99 USD for entire kit; individual cables range from $14.99 to $24.99 USD

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IK Multimedia is releasing a new line of 6 high-quality cables today. Aptly named the iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit, the cables provide musicians and audiophiles with nearly every possible cable to connect your iOS devices to speakers, headphones, stereos, amplifiers, or your vehicle. The Italian-made cables feature a level of craftsmanship seldom met by other manufacturers. IK Multimedia coins the kit as the “Swiss Army Knife” of the cable world.

All of the cables feature high-density shielding, 24K gold-plated contacts, high-purity oxygen-free copper conductors that help ensure a secure connection with the least distortion or signal interference. One feature I really like is the color-coding of the connectors, helping to reduce the confusion in sorting out the cable arrangements when connecting your iOS device to amps, stereos, or mixers.

The iLine cables are perfectly suited to work with other IK Multimedia products such as the iRig, iRig HD, or the iRig MIX.

The iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit includes the following cables:

Mono Output Adapter: This is used to connect your mobile device to a guitar amplifier, which is perfect for stage musicians.

Input Output Extension: This extends headphone cables connected to your mobile device.

Stereo Aux Cable: A 59″ cable that allows you to connect your mobile device to speakers or your car stereo.

Headphone Splitter: This splits your stereo signal to two sets of headphones or speakers. There is plenty of length to ensure separation of your devices or speakers.

RCA Output Adapter: Use this to connect your mobile device to DJ gear or home stereos with RCA inputs.

Mono Output Splitter: This cable allows you to send your mobile device’s signal to a mixer board.

The kit also comes with a handy travel case to keep your cables neatly organized. At $59.99, the entire kit is definitely the best value. Buying the cables separately is more expensive in the long run, and the kit ensures you can meet any connection situation with the confidence of knowing you have the necessary cables.

Once again, IK Multimedia is thinking of the music-oriented iOS/Android user with a high-quality product at a great value. Kudos IK Multimedia! Kore malı telefonlar


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MyMac.com review rating: 9 out of 10

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