Targus 13.3″ radius Vertical Messenger – Review

Targus 13.3″ radius Vertical Messenger
Company: Targus

Price: $60.00

So you’ve gotten yourself a brand new Mac laptop. It’s a great investment, and a great purchase for those of you who have just switched to a Mac, are on the go or just looking to change from a desktop. Now what you have to consider is how are going to get around with your Mac laptop.

You can’t just schlep it around under your arm and it really wouldn’t be wise to just throw it into a briefcase. Consider a Targus Vertical Messenger case. Having recently purchased a MacBook, I wanted something that would protect my laptop and yet be presentable/fashionable to carry the MacBook around in. Targus’s radius Vertical Messenger is designed to fit the 13.3” MacBook and does so with protection and function in mind. Targus, a universally known producer of cases for laptops, has done a very nice job with the Radius Vertical Messenger case for the MacBook. Although the case will carry other laptops up to 13 inches by other manufacturers, it is especially touted for the MacBook.

As you can see below, the unit is sleek and functional. Unclasp the front cover and lift it up and you will see a see-through zippered storage area. Unzip the next zipper set and you will find another see-through storage area on the back of the flap and then the main storage are for your accessories on the facing section. Marked for your mouse, an iPod, MacBook power supply and other items, you’ll have enough storage for those must-take items in the Vertical Messenger. I used the storage slot for an iPod to carry USB thumb drives for removable storage on items I was working on at that particular time. There is even a key hook to secure your house/car keys inside under the flap.

Open up the zippered compartment (securable with a small luggage lock) on the top of the bag under the top flap and you will find a molded EVA padded area for your MacBook. The fit is snug and it won’t permit your MacBook to slide around and scrape up. Your MacBook would be protected bottom, sides and top. The zipper on the top of the enclosure looks as though it would scrape the MacBook, however I found no signs of scrapping or damage… it’s just a snug fit holding the laptop in place. Besides the shoulder strap for the bag, there is also a rubber-coated handle to carry the bag, just as you would any other bag. Oh, and on the back of the bag there is a slip in pouch for other items, small writing pads, airline boarding passes, etc.

I have given the bag a work out, putting it through the paces. It has traveled by car, with other items on top of it, on the rear seat floor, in the trunk and on the seat. It has flown and it has been carried by shoulder strap and by rubber-covered handle. It has been placed on desks, in drawers, slid under a bed in a hotel room (hey, you know that no one ever vacuums under those beds… how would they know that a laptop is there!?) The nice thing about the Vertical Messenger bag is that with a MacBook inside, unless someone looking at it knows that it’s a laptop bag, they wouldn’t take it for one. The comments that I’ve received on the bag were all extremely favorable and complementary. Score some big points here for fashion and function coming together in a reasonably priced product.

  • Specifications:
    • Fits up to a 13” MacBook
    • Water-resistant fabric
    • Removable should strap
    • Back slip-in pocket
    • Weight- 2.2 pounds empty
    • Custom storage pockets for necessary accessories

This case has handled everything that I’ve thrown at it, including handling and use factors. It has maintained its shape and form, protected my MacBook and done so with a design for care and function.

So to review:

Pro: Well-designed and functional laptop case that offers protection for your MacBook and does so with fashion and functionality in mind. Provides storage space for the necessary MacBook accessories and additional items, such as your iPod or other small items.

Cons: Not designed to carry the world around with you, if that’s what you’re looking for in a laptop case. The case carries that which is necessary to use your MacBook and just a tad bit more. Not really a con for most users, just a good to-know item.

Highly recommended!

My Mac rating: 4 out of 5.

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