Macally rfKEY Keyboard

Company: Macally


What goes well with a wireless mouse? How about a wireless keyboard? Macally’s rfKEY (which I am typing this review with) is a nice wireless keyboard with TONS of features.

Let’s start with the basic features of a keyboard that an Apple user might look for. Most importantly, are there drivers for the Mac? Yes. The keyboard comes with drivers for OS 10.1.5, 10.2 and higher, and 9.2. There are no Intel drivers, but they are under development. While there is basic functionality without the drivers, I would not spend $70 on a keyboard without full functionality.

Back to the other features. Eject button? Yes. Volume control? Yes. Delete and backspace? Yes. The all-important Apple/Command Key? Yes. Can you boot the computer from a CD with the “C” key pressed? Yes! This is definitely a keyboard made for a Mac.

As for the extra features, this keyboard is loaded with them. There are fifteen customizable keys at the top of the keyboard. These keys can be programmed to open programs, open a website, and even control iTunes. In addition to these keys, there is a set of keys and a scroll wheel located where the arrow keys would normally be (don’t worry, the arrow keys are located under the number pad). By default, this set of keys (consisting of refresh, backwards, forwards, and home buttons) is for navigating through web pages. The scroll wheel acts just like you would expect it to- it scrolls up and down a page.


The keyboard itself is white. This size is what I consider an oversized keyboard. It is about twice the depth of an Apple keyboard. Underneath the keys is a wrist wrest, which accounts for part of the size. The keys have a soft touch to them, reminding me of some Dell keyboards I have used. The thickness of the keyboard gives it a nice working angle, and the additional lifts underneath the keyboard will angle it even more, for those who want to use them.

Set up is extremely easy. You install the included AAA batteries into the keyboard and connect the USB receiver to the computer. Next, you install the drivers and you are good to go. There is no connecting process needed, although there is connection buttons if a problem occurs.

Response time from keyboard to screen is pretty good. I do notice a very slight delay after touching a key. It is just that, a slight delay, and not enough to cause any problems.

Battery life seems to be very good. I have been testing the keyboard on a regular, daily, basis for two weeks now and everything is still working fine on the original batteries.

The range on this keyboard is amazing! I walked about ten feet to the doorway of the room I am in, and it still worked. The keyboard continued to work for another five feet into the hallway, and between some walls! Based on that experiment, you should easily be able to get 15 feet away from the receiver.

At $69.00, the rfKEY might be a little pricey, but it does have a lot of nice features. I priced other wireless keyboards, and the rfKEY fell into the average price range, but many of the other keyboards came with a wireless mouse. With that said, I would still recommend this keyboard for those in need of a good wireless keyboard option. rating 4 out of 5 (4.5 if there were Intel drivers)

All the basic Apple keyboard functions.
Plenty of extra customizable keys.
Comfortable keyboard.
Great range!
Easy set-up.
3-year warranty.

I notice a very slight delay from keyboard to screen.
No Intel drivers – yet.
A little pricey at $69.00


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