Global Motion 1 Video Clips

Global Motion 1
Company: Action Backs

Price: $79

What do you do when you have a video project that calls for, in this case, a selection of spinning and / or motion globes? If you are a 3D animator, you spend hours painstakingly creating, rendering, and outputting your video. If you are like me, however, you don’t have any 3D rendering skills at all. The only option for you and me is to find stock footage you can buy and use in your projects. That’s where Action Backs comes in.

This first review is looking at one of their best sellers, the Global Motion 1 pack. It is a collection of twenty different animations that can be used in many different types of projects. Each video is between 20 to 53 seconds, which for most usage is more than ample time.

These video clips are simply fantastic. I am very impressed with both the quality of the videos, and the range of different types of globes found in this collection. Some of these, when viewed in motion, look like they could have come from an episode of Star Trek, while others look like someone filmed a globe and simply applied some special effects. These are, of course, all fully rendered in some animation program. But all you care about is the level of quality, and in that regard, I cannot think of anyone who would not be pleased to have these twenty clips in their collection.

You can either download these clips in QuickTime or AVI formats. (NTSC or PAL formats) Chances are if you are reading this review here at, you want to know if they will work in either iMovie or FinalCut Pro. Simple answer: YES. Each video is in wide-screen format, 720. They look fantastic in DVD, online, PowerPoint, or any other format you can think of.

You can buy this collection as either a download, or they can ship you a DVD or Mini DV format for an extra $20. Obviously, you will need a high-speed Internet connection to purchase the download option. You preview each one of the twenty animations at

Fantastic collection of multiple use globes. I hope to take a look at more of ActionBacks offerings in the near future. rating: 5 out of 5

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