When coolness becomes a communication tool 

In order to boost its business performance nowadays, a brand can make use of the many facets of communication, which can be used as darts to shoot at its potential customers, striking them straight to the heart and bewitching them forever. We find ourselves in an era dominated by the overwhelming power of visual communication, which is expressed – especially on social media such as Instagram – through high-end photographs and emotional videos, created in the same way as films, short films, with cinematic techniques that aim to deeply move the viewer and trigger his or her love for the brand. We all take it for granted, then, that the success of a brand nowadays is closely linked to the effectiveness and quality of its online communication, which must be able to convey extremely powerful messages from a visual and content point of view. A large part of these messages are conveyed through social media like TikTok, which have progressively transformed from social interaction platforms to the new media of the present, and especially of the future. 

New ways to communicate 

It is precisely in these years that this great epochal change is taking place, this acceptance of digitalization and its most succulent fruits – social media – as a powerful and extremely rapid medium with which to disseminate one’s content, whether it concerns the product itself or any aspect of corporate life, such as values or the various stories that characterize the company. And yet, in the age of the internet and social media, some companies continue to make egregious mistakes that risk ousting them completely from their target market, causing their performance to plummet and also negatively affecting the company’s reputation, which may have been patiently built over decades of hard work. 

The error in question consists in considering digitalization, and consequently social media, as a privileged (perhaps the only) means to achieve success and notoriety quickly. This assertion may be true, but only in part. The social network is in fact to be understood as an exceptionally useful platform to convey an already existing idea, a strong and clear message that represents the core of a brand’s strategies, the key to its success. In the absence of a strong idea, or an equally powerful intangible element, social media will be of little use, because at that point it would merely spread an insubstantial, ineffective or even non-existent idea to the four winds. A large proportion of companies today continue to use social media to convey absolute nothingness, in the belief that a mammoth communication campaign can compensate for their bleak lack of ideas.

Apple and coolness 

Social media, along with the various forms of communication, must be taken care of very carefully, with scrupulousness, but to fully achieve success, companies will not be able to rely solely on the effect of social networks. Social media can never replace the ingenious ideas that led to the development of unique, wonderfully designed products. One only has to think of Apple and some of its most iconic products, such as the Mac or the iPhone: their success is not due to amazing communication campaigns, but to their coolness, their outward beauty. Social media has certainly been used by Apple to convey this extraordinary aesthetic idea, but it is a concept that was developed before, completely independently of social.  Any corporate strategy should therefore start with a strong idea, and continue with a proper conveyance of the same idea through social. The opposite can never take place. 

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The world keeps moving forward thanks to the best ideas developed by the minds of men.  Whoever is able to grasp even one of them will hold the key to success.

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