Problem Solving Guy 6
Of Intel Macs and Men

John and Guy go round and round on Apple’s latest offerings; The Intel Macs. The hype bar is raised and expectations are even higher. Can Apple successfully transition to Intel without losing their soul? This is Apple’s fourth major transition (Apple II to Macintosh, Motorola 68xxx processors to PPC, Mac OS Classic to OS X, PPC to Intel) and bumps in the road can certainly be expected. For some people, those bumps might mean the end of their use of Apple computers. For the vast majority, they won’t care as long as Apple’s legendary ease of use doesn’t change. Where do John and Guy stand? Read on oh fearless ones.

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Apple and Intel, What Does It Really Mean?

The fact that Apple is moving to Intel chips has certainly raised a lot of questions and noise. It is an interesting change for Apple to be sure. And who would have guessed that as Apple moves to Intel Inside, Microsoft is moving to PowerPC? The new Xbox will be PPC, and if I read Microsoft’s rumblings correctly, so may some PCs be soon too.

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Mac on Intel – The last transition… for a while

There’s of course a mix of shock, fear, anger, excitement, people pretending to be cool and blasé towards the whole thing, and the zombies walking around thinking, "my reality has just been distorted". Some very smart people are sitting in corners, rocking back and forth, saying to themselves, "how could Apple do this? Why? Why? Why? Well, here’s my two cents on why I would have done it if I was Apple or my name was Steve Jobs.

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MyMac Podcast #29
Intel and Apple

MyMac Podcast 29 – Intel and Apple

This special edition podcast is all about Intel and Apple. Click here to download the show in MP3 file format.

This edition is sponsored by Small Dog Electronics

At the start of the show, Tim mentions that because this is a special early in the week edition of the podcast, there would be no Not Mac News with Chris Seibold. Turns out Tim spoke prematurely! Chris came through after the show was recorded with a new NMN, so with a little bit of GarageBand and QuickTime Pro editing, NMN is here.

What does the announcement of Intel in all future Macs mean to the users, the developers, and everyone in between? Chad and Tim take over a half-hour on just that subject.

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