5 Tips I Wish I Knew When Starting Valorant

The craze for video games is increasing every year. People are playing online video games more often nowadays. In this case, Valorant is one of the most popular shooting games among players. Nevertheless, you need to take some factors into consideration before playing this game.

As Valorant is a tricky game, there are so many things you have to know while playing. It’s essential if you are a beginner. That’s why we will share the top five tips that every player should implement before playing Valorant. 

No matter if you are a gaming expert or a rookie, you can implement these methods. We will also share the basic details of this shooting video game in this article. So, let’s find out. 

About Valorant

As we noted above, you have to know the basics of Valorant, especially if you are playing it for the first time. Developed by Riot Games, Valorant is a Microsoft Windows game. Well, the development of this project started in 2014. However, the developers had released Valorant in 2020. 

Moreover, this is a first-person game and you can play this one for free. Most before prefer playing this video game because of the gameplay. Hence, they also use Valorant cheats to improve their skills. In this gameplay, you will be assigned to attack or defend a team. 

Well, each team has five players. If you choose the agent’s character, you will get special abilities. All players get classic pistols. However, you can use several weapons including shotguns, machine guns, submachine guns, and sniper rifles as per your requirements. 

Top Tips to Get Better in Valorant

Now, you know the basic details about Valorant. As we noted before, this is a tricky game. That’s why many beginners face problems while playing. If you are one of them, you have to be more careful while playing. 

In the following list, we will share the best tips to improve your gaming skills to play Valorant. Please read each of them carefully.

1. Play as a Team

As we noted before, Valorant is a team game. If you want to see progress, you have to play the game as a team. In this case, make sure you are communicating more with other team members. To be honest, you won’t survive the game without proper communication with other players. Hence, you also have to discuss strategies with your team members. 

2. Practice More

You might know that Valorant is a tricky game. You have to face some difficulties while playing this game. The good thing is you can overcome it by doing proper practice. As it’s a shooting game, you need to practice as much as possible. In this case, you can at least practice for 15 minutes in The Range before starting a game. 

3. Adjust Your Mouse Sensitivity 

Most people face several problems regarding mouse sensitivity. And it can affect the gameplay as well. If you want to get success in Valorant, you have to adjust your mouse sensitivity. In fact, this can change your gameplay. The best way to adjust mouse sensitivity is by using the control panel of the settings. On the other hand, you can also practice on the sixth mark. 

4. Pick The Right Weapons

Choosing the right weapons is also essential to get success in Valorant. If you are a new player, you have to be aware of all the weapons you can use while playing this game. Plus, do use a weapon just because others are using it. You need proper knowledge before using such weapons. To become a good player, you have to know how to use all the weapons in this game. 

5. Become Familiar With Gun Recoil

No matter which weapon you choose to play Valorant, you have to use it until you understand its recoils. Hence, it’s essential if you want to have good knowledge about gun recoils. On the other hand, you need to have proper knowledge of the rate of fire of a gun. It will help you improve your shooting skill. 


Finally, you know how to improve your skills to play a tricky game like Valorant. We have shared the top methods to get success in this shooting video game. No matter if you have been playing Valorant for a long time or you are a newbie, these tricks can help you out. If you need more information regarding Valorant, you can also watch some tutorials on the internet.