Popular games you can play on your Mac and didn’t know about

No matter how hard you work all day, you can definitely pinpoint a couple of moment throughout the day when you just want to take a break and relax a bit before returning to your super busy schedule. Or maybe you’ve finished all your work and are in search of something that can entertain you. We all like to play a good game once in a while but if you’re a Mac user you probably don’t do that very often.

If you’re not what passed by today as a “gamer” you probably don’t know that one of the things Windows users like to joke about the most is how Mac users can’t play video games because our OS won’t allow it. Well, that’s not exactly true and even if you yourself as a Mac user thought it were, you’ll be happy to find out that there are quite a few options out there. Mac has support for a pretty long list of games nowadays and it’s relatively easy to find a great game that you can play in your spare time. Some of the mare triple A titles as well, so I’m not talking Indie artsy stuff either.  So that being said, this list could make upgrading your Mac an even Parallels Discount. Here are some of the games that you can play on your Mac and probably didn’t know that you could.

Darkest Dungeon

This game made quite a splash when it came out but most Mac users probably didn’t realize it was available for Mac OSX as well. The game is a turn-based adventure/ strategic game that lets you take a team of misfits through various dungeons. You meet different types of enemies and with a bit of luck from RNG, you can kill them and get the riches at the end of the dungeon. The unique factors about the game is how it’s based around the idea of stress. Your team members stress out and can even go insane due to what they witness in these dungeons which are pretty shady in fact. So you have to make sure they’re taken care of and that their stress meters never go over a certain line.

The Witcher 2

You might be familiar with the Witcher series either from the games or the Polish books they’re based on. It’s a really popular game franchise now that reached its pinnacle with Witcher 3 about a year ago. If you’re still hung up over that game you can at least enjoy yourself with the second title, which is also a very good entry that not many know is available for Mac.

World of Warcraft

You probably know about Warcraft even if you’ve never played it. The cool thing about it is that it never really ends and you’re never really pressured to do things in an amount of time either so you could just casually play it whenever you need a break from reality. The fact that it’s available on Mac makes it that much cooler.

Sports games

There are a ton of modern sports games that you can play if you want to be as casual as possible. From Dirt 2 to Football Manager 2016 and FIFA 12, there are quite a few sports games that could keep you busy for a few hours if you chose to spend the day in