MyMac Podcast 849: Missed it by THAT much

According to some, Apple and Google’s market dominance in Smartphone operating systems is stifling competition. While some of their points are valid, they also are ignoring the consequences of opening the ecosystems to everyone.

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Guy’s microphone this week is the Audio Technica ATM510. This is a dynamic microphone that costs around $100.

43 years and 14 billion miles later, Voyager 1 still crunching data to reveal secrets of the interstellar medium

For Pick’s Sake

Guy:- Man, haven’t picked one of these in awhile. Zombie Tsunami for iOS (also playable on the Mac if running Big Sur). Easy side scroller with just two things for zombies to do. Eat and Jump. Free with in-app purchases.

Gaz:- Bitwarden

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