Essential Apple Podcast 221: Epic, Music, Betas and Ads…

Recorded 23rd May 2021

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This week the Apple v Epic trial came to the end o the grilling stage and ended with the judge putting Tim Cook on the spot and he was surprisingly frank about Apple’s position. Rumours of a new iPod Touch surfaced, and Apple put out an ad promoting its App Tracking Transparency in an amusing (if fairly hard hitting) manner. Apple Music will get lossless audio and spatial audio (but it wont work with your AirPods (Max or not). Siimon, Nick and Steve from Geeks Corner get together to mull over all of this and more.

NOTE: In the section where we talking about spatial audio and AirPods I was not 100% correct – seems the messaging is somewhat confused and Apple seem to use “spatial audio” and Dolby Atmos almost interchangeably – however basically not all of the new features work with Bluetooth headphones.


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  • Runs the Geeks Corner website
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  • Tim Cook’s Fortnite trial testimony was unexpectedly revealing – The Verge
    • Judge Grills Tim Cook on App Store Policies on Final Day of Epic Games v. Apple Trial – MacRumors
    • In the Epic vs Apple Trial, Tim Cook Made the Most Important Sales Pitch of His Career. The Judge Wasn’t Buying it – Inc.
  • Surprise iOS 14.7 Public Beta 1 Released Ahead Of iOS 14.6 Launch – Forbes
    • Also watchOS 7.6 and macOS 11.5
  • New Apple privacy ad highlights App Tracking Transparency – AppleInsider
  • Apple Rumored to Announce All-New Eighth-Gen iPod touch This Fall – iDrop News
  • Here’s what it looks like when someone uses an Apple AirTag to stalk you – BGR
  • Apple rolls out a slew of new accessibility features to iPhone, Watch, and more – Ars Technica
  • Apple Warning To AirPods Max Users With Critical Apple Music Update – Forbes
  • CCC 6 is here! Faster backups, better accountability, Dark Mode, and so much more – Carbon Copy Cloner



  • How to bypass and block infuriating cookie popups – Wired UK – NB: won’t load if you have content blockers!!!
  • Facebook Still ‘Secretly’ Tracks Your iPhone–This Is How To Stop It – Forbes
  • Researcher develops tool that wipes an Android phone if someone tries to crack it: Here’s how it works – TecXite


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