Accell Thunderbolt 3 Cable: Amazing Speed & Versatility – Review

In 2011, Apple and Intel introduced the first Thunderbolt connectivity with the MacBook Pro computer to ensure much faster data and video transmission beyond the capacity of USB and FireWire. Thunderbolt 1 and 2 used DisplayPort connectors until 2016 when Thunderbolt 3 was introduced and changed to USB-C connectors. Since then, OEM companies have produced cables which have maximized transmission capabilities.

Accell Thunderbolt 3 Cable is an Intel-Certified cable that brings lightning fast 40Gbps data transfer bandwidth. This single connection also supports high-speed data transfer for single 5K or dual 4K UHD video at 60Hz, and up to 100W of bi-directional charging. 

This cable is compatible with all USB-C devices. It connects to any dock, display, or a device with features including a 2.6 ft (0.8 m) passive cable, data transfer speed four times faster than USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps), 5A/100W charging (5V-20V, 100W max), and E-marker ensures compatibility. 

My Access Thunderbolt 3 cable connects my 16” MacBook Pro to a OWC 14-port Thunderbolt 3 Dock that in turn has a variety of USB-A and USB-C hard and SSD drives plugged in, along with a Luna Display dongle (screen shares with 27” iMac), Gigabit Ethernet, Transcend JetDrive SD card, audio speakers and 85W of power to my computer — all of this no slowdowns, no heating, and dependable continuous use! This is a reliable and durable cable which is longer than many 1.6 ft (0.5 m) cables.

To learn more about this cable, go here where it can be purchased for $41.99. This is a powerful solution for transmitting our precious data, video and power. Highly recommended.

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