SmartFit SoleMate Pro Ergonomic Foot Rest


$50 U.S.

SmartFit SoleMate Pro Ergonomic Foot Rest is an adjustable foot rest used to improve posture, promote healthy circulation and support back and leg comfort. Features include, hight angle and tilt adjustable, locking foot pedal control and an anti-slip base and top. 

The box contains the foot rest and instructions. The foot rest is pre-assembled out of the box so no assembly is required. The instructions are a bit on the lacking side. It is only pictures showing you where the adjustment controls are. Luckily once you have your feet on it, its pretty easy to figure things out. The height is controlled by a knob on the bottom right side. The angle is controlled by moving your feel forward or backwards. The front has an area where you can push to lock the angle into place.

Using the foot rest feels very good. Having something to place your feet on and the moving of the ankles back and forth does help circulation. The hight adjustment makes a huge difference, especially for me since I do most of my computer work on a counter with high chairs. The unit feels very sturdy on the floor and does stand up to save space when its not in use. The price is right if you are looking to improve your posture and circulation. 

MyMac Review Rating is 9 out of 10. Great way to get a little more comfortable and healthy while on the computer. Instructions could be a little more helpful.

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