Kodak Smartphone Photography Kit – Review

Kodak Smartphone Photography Kit



Kodak Smartphone Photography Kit is a set of photography equipment which includes a tripod, ultra lens, macro lens, portrait light and travel case.  The tripod includes a remote shutter, the portrait light includes a USB charging cable and the lens kit includes a carrying pouch and lens cover.

Packaging for the kit is well done.  The package includes a travel case, studio light, tripod base, tripod top, lens clip with macro lens, wide angle lens, lens cap, micro USB cable, carrying pouch. Key ring clip and instructions. The instructions are split into three little manuals, one for each main product. Unfortunately, I had to use the macro lens to be able to read the tiny text on the tiny manual. Fortunately, setup and use of the kit is fairly easy to figure out. 

The top of the tripod screws into the base and the phone goes into the spring loaded holder. The shutter has a small power on switch on the side and once turned on it will show as a Bluetooth device to pair with your phone. The studio light recharges with the included micro USB cable by peeling back the yellow cover next to the power button. The power button goes on bright, brighter, brightest and then off when pressed multiple times. It can then clip to a device or wherever you want it. To use the macro lens, clip the lens over the main camera lens of the device. I tested it on both an 11 inch iPad Pro and an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Pro Max took a little time to get right since it has the three cameras, but it did work fine.

The tripod worked exactly as expected. The phone was held in the spring loaded holder tightly and the tripod was sturdy. The shutter did work, however I found that it sometimes didn’t register the first time I pressed the button. This could be because of my phone is running the latest iOS or maybe just distance. It isn’t a big issue since you can hit it again and it works. Photos as expected were great, nice and still and great for group selfies, which I guess is a groupie. The clip on studio light was bright and easy to clip on and made a huge improvement is dim lighting.

Using the lens kit on the iPad Pro was easy since there is only one lens on the back. The macro lens is very cool, it really does let you take super close up photos. The wide angle lens is a bit harder to notice, however when you compare it to a photo without it, you can really tell that it’s giving you a much wider field of view. Once I figured out which camera was the main one on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, I was able to get some really nice shots. The trick is to get the clip on perfectly centered so that you don’t get a blurry circle in the frame. I took some nice wide angle shots of my dog and some close ups of my Apple Watch band. I really never got into the lens clip thing on my phones in the past but getting to review the Kodak kit, Im certainly more interested in it now. Kodak does sell the three in one kit separately as well.

(Macro of Apple Watch Band)

(Image without wide angle lens)

(Image with wide angle lens)

Like most things on Amazon, prices for a tripod, lens kit and travel case go from cheap to expensive. However, if you price out what you are getting in the Kodak Smartphone Photography Kit it’s on par or a bit cheaper then the sum of it’s parts.  Plus you are getting it in a nice package designed to carry the kit. For the price, its a great value and makes phone photography more interesting.

MyMac Review Rating is 9 out of 10. Works well and improves the camera phone experience. Instructions can be a little bigger and the shutter sometimes misfires, but minor issues for a great kit.

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