Journal for iPad Pro – Review

Journal for iPad Pro
Twelve South
Journal for iPad Pro
$100 US (for 11 inch Pro)

Journal for iPad Pro is a case for the 2018 11-inch iPad Pro. Twelvesouth also offers the case for the 2018 12.9 iPad Pro for $120. Features include a light brown leather case with dual zippered edges, a snap in shell, multiple viewing angles, inside pocket and rear camera window. 

As with all other Twelvesouth products, packaging is done well. The box includes the case and a thank you for purchasing card. Setup is as easy as snapping the iPad Pro into the plastic shell in the case. Once in the shell, the iPad tilts out from the bottom which allows it to stand at multiple angles while resting on the bottom of the leather case. Other usage options include using it in book form by opening the leather case and leaving the shell flat as well as using it as folding the shell over the leather case and using the built in kickstand to elevate the top of the iPad a bit. This is great for using the onscreen keyboard on the lowered bottom of the tablet. There is a pocket in the case that can hold flat items such as paper or a small keyboard. Twelvesouth suggests to use the Keys to Go from Logitech as it fits perfectly in the pocket.

I am a big fan of Twelvesouth’s products. I have reviewed and purchased a good amount of cases for my iDevices. Like the others, the Journal’s leather feels, smells and looks like high quality. When the case is zippered closed, it adds just a little more bulk to the iPad, but not a lot. The two zippers allow it to close around the USB C cable so you can charge it while storing. Just as Twelvesouth said, the Logitech Keys to Go keyboard fits perfectly in the pocket. 

Using my iPad Pro in the Journal is a great experience. I tried all the angles and modes that I could think of and each made the iPad easy to use. Viewing and typing with either the onscreen keyboard or bluetooth keyboard worked as expected.  Switching between viewing modes is quick and easy. I do not own the Apple Pencil, however there is room to store the pencil in the case. For the features, protection and quality, this is a great price for a very nice case.

MyMac Review Rating is 10 out of 10. Gorgeous, functional, and great protection makes this an excellent way to carry, protect and use your iPad Pro.

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