Geekiest Show Ever 315 – 1Pass, LastPass, You all get a Pass

As usual this week we start off talking about the weather but this must have angered the weather gods because Elisa got knocked off the podcast shortly afterwards due to power failure. But Mike and Melissa soldier on talking about password managers, specifically 1Password and Lastpass. They discuss prices, features and ease of use.

For our picks Melissa cheated and picked a $50 Apple gift card to pay for 1Password. If Elisa would’ve been here she would’ve picked a Keurig Mini. And Mike picked a Wicked Bone Smart Bone to entertain his dog.



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One thought on “Geekiest Show Ever 315 – 1Pass, LastPass, You all get a Pass

  1. For what it is worth the LastPass free tier gives you 1 USER, not 1 device – I use LastPass for free and it syncs across my iPhone, work iMac and personal MacBook Pro.

    If you search for best password manager (or similar) you will find endless articles listing options… But the top 4 are almost always 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass and KeyPass – also one I am not so familiar with seems to be getting traction – Keeper

    As for Keychain – it is totally possible to get by with that if you want – I did for a very long time – and it is way way better than it used to be these days.

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