SleepPhones Effortless – Review

SleepPhones Effortless
$149.95 US

SleepPhones Effortless are Bluetooth enabled headphones that are inside a soft fabric headband. Features include a rechargeable battery up to 10 hours charge time, wireless charging base and a washable fabric headband. The headband is available is two different materials and six different colors as well as small, medium and large sizes. The battery is charged wirelessly using the included charging base.

This product is right up my alley. Sleeping is a hot topic in my house. I snore and my wife needs to leave the TV on while she sleeps. We drive each other crazy at night. I now wear a CPAP machine which stops my snoring and I have been using earplugs to sleep with the TV. I have tried cheaper headband earphones in the past but haven’t been very impressed with the ones I tried. They were either uncomfortable or sounded horrible. I was excited to test the SleepPhones to see if they would work for me.

Packaging for the SleepPhones Effortless is done well. The box includes the headband, USB charging cable, AC adapter, charging base, a gift tin box and instructions. The headband has a small opening that closes with velcro. Inside the headband are two speakers and the Bluetooth module. Volume and playback controls are on the Bluetooth module inside the headband.

To pair the headphones, hold down the power button on the Bluetooth module for 5 seconds to power it up. Once powered on, it will show up as an available Bluetooth device and you can pair it. For charging, plug in the microUSB cable into the charging base and the other end into a wall outlet or USB powered hub. The package includes an optional adhesive in case you want to attach the charging base to the surface its sitting on. To recharge the headset, place the Bluetooth module inside the headband onto the charging dock.

The headband is very comfortable, it’s not too thick and it doesn’t get hot. I received the medium sized one and it fit perfectly for me. Another great feature compared to the cheaper models is that the speakers move freely in the headband. This allows you to move them inside the headband to cover your ears. Others are attached inside and may not line up with your ears as well.

I fired up Apple Music and set the volume to low and hit shuffle all. Sound was very good for a headband system. No, they are not as good as traditional earphones, but they are much better than the others I have tried. The music was clear and not tinny. The speakers are flat enough to not feel them when sleeping with your ear to the pillow. I fell asleep, TV blaring and all, not feeling like I was wearing it. It was a great experience that I will continue to do every night.

If the SleepPhones Effortless has a flaw, it’s minor. The Bluetooth module inside the headband takes a little getting used to. The power button is bigger than the others and is easy to operate through the headband. The playback controls and volume buttons are smaller and it takes a little practice operating them.

Also, to charge the Bluetooth module it needs to be placed button side up and line up on the charging base perfectly. Magnets and a green light tell you when its in place and charging. This also takes a little practice, but you can take the Bluetooth module out of the headband and charge it that way if you like. After two days though I was able to charge and control the device through the headband with no issues.

MyMac Review Rating is 9 out of 10. There are many cheaper headband headphones out there, but in this case you are getting what you pay for. A lot of research went into the material and design of the SleepPhones Effortless and the sound, comfort and convenience shows.

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