iRig Micro Amp – Review

iRig Micro Amp
IK Multimedia
$150 U.S.

iRig Micro Amp is a tiny powerhouse for guitarists and all musicians. Take it everywhere using the included six AA batteries or plug it in with an optional AC adapter that doubles the power output. Download the company’s iOS and Mac apps for enhanced stomp box sounds with your Apple gear. Output and input ports for incoming and outgoing speakers and headphones add to the amp’s versatility.

The physical unit is about the size of an automobile battery or a toaster. It weighs a lot less than the former and a bit more than the latter. All controls, knobs, buttons, indicators, and ports are easy to see and use. Because it’s so tiny, iRig Micro Amp can reside or be placed anywhere and no one will have any idea where that big sound is originating.

In addition to the six batteries, three cables are included: audio AUX 3.5mm, USB-A top micro-USB, and Lightning to micro-USB. The two USB cables are for physical connections to your Mac and iPhone or iPad. Use them with the apps described on the company’s web page for this product and in the written material inside the package. This amp is not Bluetooth; cables are required for all connections.

Plug in your guitar or other instrument to the INPUT port on top of the amp and adjust volume, treble, midrange, bass, and gain. Choose between CLEAN, DRIVE, and LEAD sound profiles, depending upon your love of fuzz and grunge. CLEAN is best for chords and the other two work for playing lead.

Listen to yourself practice via the generic headphone port. Send the sound signal to a larger speaker or system via a speaker out port. Bring in sounds from any music source via the AUX port. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Guitarists should begin in CLEAN with their pickup knob volumes set all the way up and dials on iRig Micro Amp placed straight up at the twelve o’clock position, then massage the sound to their personal taste. The hefty four inch speaker on this little giant is plenty loud using battery power. There is a bit of white noise hiss that is not problematic while playing.

iRig Micro Amp is also a portable boombox. Connect any external playback device, such as an iPad or iPhone (typically with Lightning adapter) and party until the neighbors pound on the walls. Audio performance is clean, muscular, precise, and totally enjoyable. It would be nice if a built-in handle was placed on either side. 

It gets better! You can play your guitar or other connected instrument at the same time while you are listening in AUX mode so you can practice Follow Your Arrow along with Kacey Musgraves. Or, as she sings, “You mights as well just do whatever you want — make lots of noise.” You will keep finding new uses for this amp the more you have it in your life.

Everything you need to know about iRig Micro Amp is linked from its web site:  Info, Apps, Specs, Images, Video, and Manuals. This is a new product, so do a web search for irig micro amp review and get caught up on what reviewers have to say about it.

I like it and I use it all the time. Aside from the missing handle and the bit of white noise, this amp is perfect for practicing, teaching, and listening. I wish I had one ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, and sixty years ago. Musicians will find huge value in this mighty tiny tot amp. Well done, IK Multimedia.

MyMac Review Rating is 9 out of 10.

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