Essential Apple Podcast 127: Hey Tim! Is that you?

Recorded 10th March 2019

This week Uncle Tim made a joke out of Donald Trump’s name slipup, US Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to break up tech companies, German teen hacker relents and gives Apple the secret to his hack, Google Zero Day group find a vulnerability dubbed Buggy Cow, and Zuck claims Facebook wants to change… and takes a dig at Apple to boot. To discuss these stories and more, this week, I am joined by Mac to the Future, Go! livecast co-host and “buy all the things” Warren Sklar!


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  • Tim Cook is now Tim Apple on Twitter – The Verge
    • Other tech people picked up on the joke too…
  • Apple whips its gigantic global supply chain into shape [Opinion] – Cult of Mac
  • MacStories releases 150 free shortcuts to use in Apple’s Shortcuts app – iMore
  • Security researcher hands Apple details of Keychain bug, calls for explanation regarding lack of macOS Bug Bounty program – AppleInsider
  • Google researchers revealed a rare Mac security flaw and called it ‘BuggyCow’ – Business Insider
  • Via @scottaw: A Clever Tool Uses Apple’s Videogame Logic Engine to Protect Macs – Wired
  • Here’s how Apple’s long-rumored smart glasses will work, according to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – Business Insider
  • Microsoft confirms the latest version of Skype for Web drops support for Safari – 9to5 Mac


  • US senator Elizabeth Warren wants to break up tech companies, says Apple should not be able to run the App Store and offer its own apps – 9to5 Mac
    • Elizabeth Warren pulled a ninja move to turn tech angst into a crackdown with real teeth, and tech is going to suffer even if she’s not president – Business Insider
    • Benedict Evans (@benedictevans) on the subject – Twitter
  • Flickr Unveils a New Login That Ditches Yahoo’s System – Peta Pixel
  • Corning flexible glass screen will be perfect for folding iPhone – Cult of Mac
  • Luminary is aiming to be the ‘Netflix of podcasts’ – Business Insider
    • Marco Arment â€œThey’ll have to get through you and me first. If you all keep listening in standard podcast apps that use the open, RSS-backed podcast ecosystem instead of proprietary walled gardens, nobody can ruin what we have.”– Twitter


  • Facebook’s Transition to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Tech.pinions
  • Mark Zuckerberg paints a biting contrast between Facebook and Apple on privacy, saying his company has sacrificed business to protect users – Business Insider
  • Is this the way the cookie wall crumbles? Dutch data watchdog says nee to take-it-or-leave-it consent – The Register
  • The web just got an official password-free login standard – Engadget



For things that are not worth more than a flypast

  • Lego takes on Samsung and Huawei with its own foldable – The Verge

Nemo’s Hardware Store(1:07:07)

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