Let’s Talk Apple 64: December 2018

Joining Bart this month are Gazmaz from the MyMac Podcast, Kelly Guimont from The Mac Observer, Chuck Joiner from Mac Voices, and Simon Parnell from the Essential Apple podcast.

The show starts with a few quick followups from last month’s show, followed by a quick look at some notable numbers that made the news in December, some Apple HR news stories, and a look at two Apple-related court cases including Apple -v- Qualcomm. The three main stories for the month are some new types of fraud that were briefly active on the iOS App Store, the on-going fight for privacy, and bent iPad Pros. The show finishes with a quick rundown of some other stories that made the news in December.

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Kelly Guimont: http://www.appcamp4girls.com @verso
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Simon Parnell: http://www.essentialapple.com @serenak


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